5 Ways to Help Keep Your Home Pest Free this Winter

pest free home

Dropping temperatures and wet weather signal to pests that it is time to find shelter and prepare for winter. This unfortunately means that many homes will become overrun with unwanted insects and rodents which can lead to a variety of… Continue Reading

How To Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer And Break Less Often

home appliances

There was a time when people could expect their appliances to last three or four decades. Unfortunately, that time has long passed. These new appliances are more energy efficient, but they’re not always built to last as long. While they… Continue Reading

Go Green: Re-Modeling Tips to Make Your Condo Eco-Friendly

condo remodeling tips

Green living does a lot of good in protecting the earth against possible extinction. If you just happen to move in to a new condo, chances are that one of your primary goals is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. As… Continue Reading