7 Cheap and Easy Home Decor Hacks

To-do list wall art

This is a cute and creative way to keep track of all of your tasks for the week. It’ll help you stay organized and make sure that you don’t any pending tasks at the end of the week. This will look really cute in your room and keep you motivated.

To make it first off, get some chalk board paper and cut out a frame size piece. Outline it with chalk so that you get the proper size and then just cut it out. Put it on your frame and write your to do list on it. If you want to add color to the frame then put a detailed tape on it.

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Ice cube tray jewelry rack

The second life hack on this list is to store your jewelry in an ice cube tray. It may sound weird but it keeps your jewelry from tangling. It is a very pretty way of organizing your jewelry. You can also spray paint the ice cube tray the color of your choice to match it with the color scheme of your room.

Hanger sunglasses display

Hanging your sunglasses on a hanger on the wall somewhere in your room will help to display them nicely, keep them organized and give your room a very chic vibe.

Hanging baskets

If your bathroom tends to get very cluttered with blow dryers, flat irons or curling rods then this may be the perfect tip for you. All you need to do is to take some nails and a hammer and hang a few baskets on your bathroom wall so you can store all of your hair tools and products in them. It’s a much better and organized way of storing your things because it gives your counter more surface area. If you want to make the baskets look a little nicer then you can put bows on them.

Choose the right size rug

Always choose a rug of one size up when you’re looking into buying a rug for a room. People mostly buy rugs of small sizes which make the room look smaller. A right size rug can make a room look spacious, large and wide. An enormous range of beautiful hand woven Persian rugs is available online.

Create a gallery wall

If you have space available on your walls then you can make great use of it. You can make a collage out of your favorite pictures and put it up or you can invest in artwork that really speaks to you. One thing that should be kept in mind while creating a gallery wall is that you shouldn’t overdo it and keep it simple.

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Be unique

When decorating your home it is important to keep your personal taste in mind. You’ll get bored of something that doesn’t represent your taste really quickly. So it is very important to incorporate your style into your home decor so that your home feels like it belongs to you.

Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects. She currently works for www.ALRUG.com as a project manager.

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  1. My wife is constantly looking at different little home decor items. I am trying to get her a present for her upcoming birthday, and this To Do List Wall Art might be the perfect thing for her. She loves calendars and organization, and I think that she would love how classy this idea is. Thanks for sharing this with me, as it seems like a great investment.

  2. All the above things to decorate the home is quite interesting especially wall art of to-do list its really unique but I want to share one more idea which is nowadays is very in, to decorate you home with glass shelves of different colors and styles on the different location of your home. You can use these shelves for bathroom supplies also its look very good and distinct.

  3. These 7 home décor hacks are all really impressive and interesting to know about. I like the point about being unique, and how it’s important to feel comfortable in your own home and creating a unique design for yourself can really help do that.

  4. Love the wall gallery idea. On pinterest you can find lots of ways to create a gallery that looks really good. Another really cool idea I’ve found is to use a large area rug as a bed headboard. If you’re a decor minimalist that can be a pretty good idea.

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