10 Benefits of Creating an Office Space

“The ability to work from home” is something many people see as a must-have in their job description. There are many reasons for wanting this – from medical reasons to childcare issues. For some, it may be a necessity due to being self-employed or working freelance.

If you’ve ever worked from home for a prolonged period of time, you’ll be familiar with countless distractions that made you wish you had a dedicated workspace in your home.

home-officesYour other half making chit-chat whilst you try to get that report finalised? The kids chasing the dog around the dining table? Your teenager has brought their friends round after school and got the TV blaring out?

Well, there are other benefits too, so here they are in our 10 Benefits of Creating an Office Space.


Aids Organisation

There is no better way to get – and keep – your worklife organised than having a dedicated office space in your home. There is no unpacking and packing up at the beginning and end of the working day to make room for dinner. And with this, there is less risk of work items getting lost in amongst the other general things around the home.

You can design the layout of your home office space however you like and know exactly where everything is.

Helps Productivity

As alluded to already, the home is full of distractions when you’re trying to work. But that is because that’s exactly what it is; a home.

Having a dedicated office space within your home is a sure fire way to increase your productivity. Making sure that it’s a strict ‘Work Only Zone’ will create a little sanctuary of productivity.

You will have worked hard enough in your office space during your working hours that whatever you missed can wait until the morning; just like somebody who works in a traditional office.

Brings Personality

As it is your office space in your home, it can be finished to suit your personality and working style. You can include what you always wished your traditional office could have.

You want a bean bag where you can go and muse on your actions from that important phone call? Go for it, it’s your office. Just being able to place personally chosen pieces of artwork around the place can make all the difference.

The Right Setting

The sofa is not conducive to work. It’s awkward to keep any papers visible or do any written note making. It’s also too darn comfortable. And what’s that over in the corner? Look! It’s the TV.

It’s amazing what we’ll stoop to watching as a form of procrastination, isn’t it?

There’s another reason it’s important to get a proper office space set up; ergonomics. No matter how hard you try, sitting on a sofa for office-hours length of time will result in back and neck issues. You need a chair offering proper back support and a desk with a suitably placed screen.

More Professional

If you ever need to make a video-call or even just an important phone call, being in your office will provide a professional setting.

No kitchen cabinets on-screen behind you or the sounds of a family member, not realizing you’re on a call; asking what you fancy doing for dinner.

Better Lunches

All of that said, having your office space at home gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to lunch. All the culinary delights of your own kitchen are just seconds away.

You will no longer have to take the same old lunches from home or be forced into picking up a convenient – but typically unhealthy – snack. You’ll also save money this way too.

Keeps Work and Home Life Separate

We’ve sort of touched on this, but having a dedicated office means that you – as well as the other members of the household – know that when you’re in your office space, you’re “at work”. So you can get on, in peace.

People who have their own offices at home have often told me how great it is to be able to close the door at the end of the day and psychologically be able to switch off and relax. If your work items are in sight whilst you relax during the evening, you are more likely to carry on thinking about work itself when there isn’t need to.

You Can Experiment With The Layout

I mentioned briefly the benefits of being able to put your own touches, such as bean bags or your own art in your office space. You can also have more freedom to experiment in a way which you couldn’t if you worked in a shared office or a shared area of the home. Change the layout. Move around during the day. It’s your space…

It’s Your Design and Space

As you are installing this from scratch, you’re free to design it as much as your budget will allow.

Choose a colour palette which suits you and the way you work. If you want a visually stimulating, Jackson Pollock-esque paint effect, go for it. If you want an office space free from clutter and full of minimalist design touches – the choice is there and the choice is yours.

You can play your own music or achieve complete silence. You can have views of the outside; or utilise natural light via a skylight or strategically placed window. Both are good for mindfulness.

The Freedom From The Daily Commute

Ah, the big one.

There’s a real cost benefit – every time you travel to and from the office means you have to spend some of your time there earning money just to get back to an even starting point.

And then there is the benefit of opting out of the daily rat race. The tiring expending of energy in a race to get to work and then an even more competitive race to get home.

Remove all of this by having your office within your own home. You’ll have more energy once you start work so will be more productive and you can work past finishing time, when needs be, because you are already at home (just be sure not to make a habit of this).

As the office is only a mere few seconds walk away, you can also hit the snooze button with a lot more peace of mind. Just not too many times.

Erin Emanuel


  1. I found that I can sleep better when working in a space outside my bedroom, so I think that “sleeping better” could be another benefit. 🙂

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree! Working in a space outside bedroom will help me concentrate on my work efficiently. When I work in my bedroom I always feel lazy and asleep.

  3. I agree with you all, especially with the “lunch idea”. When I go to work, I usually make a quick meal. It’s so lazy to make a really good lunch box with egg, meat, soup, fruit into it while I still have tons of work to do!!

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