11 Best Basement Renovation Tips

Remodelling your basement is a wonderful endeavour that you had always been planning but could not execute. Nobody really likes an old-fashioned basement. The comfort, ease, confidence and joy a carefully crafted basement can give you and your family is priceless. Don’t you want to have a good time sitting back at home on your holidays, relaxing in that fancy recliner while watching T.V. and sipping into some amazing coffee? Well, enhance the quality of your home and have a better living space by remodelling and re- designing your old basement. Here are a few ways to modify your old basement.


1.Have a practical sized family room

Basements are perfect for light social get- togethers for the entire family or even the kids. It is just the right spot for big screen LED TV, the snooker- table, the board games and other craft supplies. You can make this space warm by decorating the room mildly.

2.Add a laundry room or a kitchen

A cool bar or a little kitchen in your basement lets you be entertained with you family and friends with no movement every now and then. Having a beer or scrambling eggs while being in the company of your favourite ones is not something everyone gets.

A laundry room with a floor drain is a wonderful idea to your unique basement. A kitchen needs access to cold and hot water and also electrical outlets for a small refrigerator, an oven, a dishwasher, a dishwasher drawer and a few other helpful home appliances.

3.Have ample ventilation through doors and windows

The addition of exterior doors and windows result in letting in the natural light and efficiently increasing ventilation which helps you enjoy your lovely living place all the more.

4.Inclusion of an attractive and pragmatic staircase

Even though you have stairs to your basement already, you must make sure they look attractive and are in – sync with your basement design when you are remodelling it. You may shift your staircase to a more convenient spot. You might take the help of an architect or some other design expert or professional to help you in your staircase design. Make sure that your design meets the overall code of your basement.

5.Make the smartest choice in your floor design

You don’t want your basement floor to be a concrete slab, do you? Hardwood flooring is something you may emphasize upon. Engineered wood is also a good alternative since it expands and shrinks lesser than solid wood flooring.

6.Have the best possible lighting

A jovial lighting plan is a must to make your basement the most favourite gathering spot of your friends, family and acquaintances. You can use track lights and pendants for the absolute elimination of shadows on the surfaces where your children will be playing, reading or working. You can also opt for floor lamps in the corners to banish shadows and provide task lighting or table lamps beside sofas or chairs.

7.Keep an eye on the ceiling of the basement

Finish your basement ceiling wisely. You may hide the pipes, ductwork and joists with drywall or by paneling; conceal everything with a drop ceiling or a suspended ceiling; or you might paint it entirely with a sprayer. You may also add beautiful ceiling beams which will add depth and unique architectural curiosity to the painted ceiling.

8.Have a healthy storage

More often than not the basement is a catch-all space for storage of everything from the garden equipments to the memorabilia and old clothes. When you remodel, be sure that you make the most of the basement’s square footage and also have a well organized and attractive storage.

9.Have the most attractive walls with warm ambience

Cover your basement wall with sheets of maple plywood with some stained poplar boards which cover the seams for a crafty look

10.Try including a bedroom

A basement bedroom is a utopian concept for your guests or even your children. According to the space available at your basement plan a single or double bed to give your guests the most inviting ambience.

11. Squeeze in a three piece bathroom

Having a basement bathroom is one of the best ideas one could ever adopt. While most people do not consider this very important, I tend to believe that your general body cleanliness should come above everything else. Large storage areas in your basement can be customised by being insulated and made into bathrooms.

However, having a shower anywhere in your basement can elevate the humidity levels in your basement, and at such times, you need to know how to eliminate humidity in your basement. Definitely, you can easy to resolve that by a dehumidifier or combine basic tips to dehumidify your basement.

So always keep in mind that even though currently your lowest floor is cold concrete, and a mess of boxes crammed with off season clothes and gears, the basement of your house has loads of potential, which through your motivation and a little effort can turn into the most favourite spot of your neighbourhood. Just treat the basement as you would treat any of your above ground rooms and it can easily become the family’s most popular spot in the house. Do keep in mind the tips given above for transforming this under – rated and most under utilized region into a hubbub you will be curious and excited to spend most of your time in.

Erin Emanuel