10 plants to brighten up your balcony

One of the best aspects of having a balcony is the ability to decorate it and fill it with a variety of plants and flowers to really give your home that special touch.

Although balconies are generally smaller than your average back garden, don’t let this stop you from experimenting.

balcony plants

Below are 10 of the best plants that can brighten up your balcony, so don’t hesitate and let us guide you through the key ways into giving your home a new lease of life.

  1. Petunia 

One of the best options to brighten up any balcony are Petunias. These will need watering every 3 to 4 days, but it is worth it to see the beautiful colours and take in that stunning fragrance. They even have the ability to surprise you with new blooms throughout spring, summer and a good part of autumn if taken care of correctly. They are also annual plants and will need to be purchased from seed, which will allow you to choose different colours and enjoy a new balcony experience every year.


  1. Callistemon

Should you need a plant that is undemanding, or you simply want something that will provide shade, then a Callistemon plant is the one for you! Its exotic-looking flowers will give your balcony a burst of character and the sun and heat won’t cause it any damage – it’s win, win all around! The colours are magnificent and will make for a great piece on your balcony.

  1. Thymus Caespititius

If you are after a plant that will make your balcony look like a garden, why not opt for a Thymus Caespititius? This interesting, fragrant plant is a low, ground covering shrub that can even grow in a very shallow pot. It can bloom from late spring to late summer to give you a wonderful scent throughout the warmer months.cherry-tomato-plants

  1. Cherry Tomatoes

    Although flowers are very pretty and can make your balcony look lovely, you can also grow edible options to give your outdoor space variety. In order to make the most of your Cherry Tomatoes, they will need to have 6 to 8 hours of sun everyday, which means you can plant them in full sun and they’ll do great. Their juicy flavour will make a wonderful addition to a range of recipes and they look dainty on your balcony, too!

  1. Blanket Flower

If you really want to make your balcony come alive, then a Blanket Flower is a fantastic choice. Not only are the colours vibrant, but they bloom throughout the season, meaning they don’t require a lot of your assistance. Just a good amount of sun, soil and you can enjoy this tropical-looking flower as much as you please. Plus, they even attract butterflies, so what more could you ask for?

  1. Agave

Not a particularly beautiful plant but it does have some extra special qualities. It might be a little but prickly for some people’s tastes but it absolutely adores the sun and wouldn’t mind being forgotten about every now and again. It has even been suggested that the Agave can be just as cool as Aloe Vera and can therefore be quite useful to have around in case of any sunburns, bites of allergies. It’s quite a cool-looking plant too, and would make a great mini rock garden on your balcony if you get creative and arrange it in a pot with some rocks and sempervivums.

  1. Blue Felicia Daisies

Another great plant that is perfect for tolerating the sun and would look beautiful on your balcony are Blue Felicia Daisies. Regular daisies are also fine if that is what you would prefer, but blue ones add that extra little touch required to make your balcony unique. The striking colour will also give your balcony an exotic feel, and the size of the daisies are perfect for not making small spaces feel overcrowded.

  1. Lavender

If you have enough space to do so, a balcony can be a wonderful place to grow herbs. Lavender is a popular choice, not only for the pretty aesthetics but also for the scent. The root system is rather large for Lavender so an oversized container is handy. A single plant can spread 24 inches and grow up to 2 feet in height, so if you are going to choose a Lavender plant, it’s essential you have enough space for it. A handy tip is to water it in the morning so the sun can dry its leaves.

  1. Cherry Tree

The great thing about a modern Cherry Tree is that it is self-fertile, so you only need one tree to ensure a good crop. You can be sure to expect beautiful blossoms and lots of fruit once the tree is established enough and there are a variety of ways in which you can grow them as well. This can be done via a bush or as a fan against a warm wall – the latter being a wonderful decorative idea.

  1. Nasturtiums

Even when spring and summer are over you can still have some colour on your balcony. Nasturtiums come in a range of warm shades, so you can choose the colour that suits your individual taste. Choose between yellow, red and orange and watch them flower long into the autumn months. These colours will look fabulous against a glass balcony railing and can easily be planted in pots, so you can watch these stunning colours compliment each other.

Taking care of your plants, herbs and vegetables is one of life’s most satisfying hobbies but if you really want to make it a lifestyle, all you have to do is follow helpful tips like these and you could be one step closer to becoming an advanced gardener.

If you require more information about how to take care of your garden/balcony, why not visit Nemasys? With their great range of products and a team of passionate gardening enthusiasts on hand to help you with any queries you may have, you could be well on your way to achieving the garden of your dreams sooner than you think!

Erin Emanuel