10 Tips and Tricks for a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Okay let’s face it, cleaning the kitchen isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable task (imagine: grime, stubborn grease) especially if you have kids!

Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Don’t wait for the weekend to deep-clean your kitchen as it can can get dirty fast if neglected. Here are easy tips and tricks that will keep this area of the house vermin-free and spotless — without taking up too much of your time!


Kitchen Cleaning Tip 1: Use Microfiber Cloth as a Main Cleaning Tool

Keeping your kitchen clean is easier when you have the right supplies such as homemade cleansers to dissolve layers of grease. Having microfiber or waffle weave towels makes it simple to have the items needed for a fast cleanup after cooking a meal. 

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 2: Put Small Appliances Away Immediately

When you use a blender or food processor while cooking, clean it immediately and put it away in the correct place. By keeping small appliances in the cupboard, the devices won’t get dirty from airborne grease.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 3: Learn How To Make Your Own Countertop Cleanser

Save money while cleaning your kitchen’s countertops, backsplashes and appliances by mixing your own cleanser. Buy an inexpensive plastic spray bottle at a local store to fill with your desired cleaning ingredients.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 4: Empty Your Dishwasher Before Cooking a Meal

Before you begin to cook a meal, empty your dishwasher and put away the utensils, skillets and glassware. With this method, you can place dirty dishes and pans into the dishwasher while you are preparing a meal.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 5: Use a Cutting Board

Have several cutting boards that are easy to clean. Use these items to slice meats or vegetables to keep your kitchen’s countertops sanitary. After using a cutting board, wash it immediately so that it’s ready for the next meal.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 6: Have a Broom and Mop Nearby

If you spill liquids on the floor, then use a mop to clean up the mess quickly. Alternatively, when you drop breadcrumbs or pasta on the floor, grab a broom and dustpan to sweep up the debris.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 7: Clean As You Are Cooking a Meal

Have waffle weave towels or microfiber cloths nearby to clean the countertop while you are chopping ingredients for a casserole. When you are wondering what is microfiber, you should know that it is a man-made fabric that is simple to launder and fast to dry.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 8: Keep Kitchen Drawers Closed While Cooking

Make sure to close the drawers in your kitchen while you are cooking. If you leave a drawer open while getting a utensil, then liquids will splash into the opening, creating a mess.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 9: Fill the Kitchen Sink With Hot Soapy Water

Make sure to fill your kitchen sink with hot soapy water before you begin to cook a meal or snack. You can toss utensils and dishes into the water to begin soaking while you continue with the cooking process.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip 10: Leave the Kitchen Clean After Each Meal

Wipe down every surface in your kitchen quickly after cooking a meal so that the space is ready for the next time. As you leave the room, turn on the dishwasher to have clean cookware for the next meal.

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