10 Unexpected Ways Kitchen Backsplash Can Make Your Life Better.

Performing a kitchen remodel or renovation? While appliances and cabinets are the ‘big’ items people focus on, a great eye-catching kitchen backsplash can really pull your whole redesign together. Backsplashes traditionally were solely to protect the walls from all sorts of messes–splatters from cooking food and water splashing from the sink—but now they are used not only for protection, but also to become a focal point of your kitchen.

Do you need a few backsplash ideas for your kitchen renovation? Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.

Your kitchen backsplash can be as fun and unique as you and your home design. The following are a few common and a few interesting kitchen backsplash ideas to help get you started.


Chalkboard Paint

Homeowners are now using chalkboard paint on their walls for art, quotes, kids play areas, and to-do lists. Why not use it as your backsplash?

Chalkboard paint allows you to draw colorful designs or quotes on your walls and change them whenever you want. This means you’ll never get bored with a stale backsplash ever again! Even better is this is a fairly inexpensive project that can be done over a weekend. If you have kids at home, they can even help with the painting.

Subway Tile

You can’t go wrong with subway tiles. These tiles, traditionally in 3”x6” or 4”x8” rectangles, were first introduced a little over a century ago throughout the NYC subway system (hence their name).

This classic rectangular tile is the perfect neutral background and looks great in any style of home. Subway tiles are a trendy choice in any room with wall tiles, but as a kitchen backsplash they are especially popular. Subway tiles are easy to clean with tight grout spacing and serve as a great accent piece in your kitchen.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles were popular in ancient times and remain popular in homes today. These tiles are two-inch squares or smaller and mimic the appearance of ancient mosaics.

Mosaic tiles are often backed with mesh, this makes them easier to install in large areas. The mesh also makes it easy to customize for unique spaces such as a backsplash.

Glass Tile

Interested in an upgrade from ceramic? Consider using glass tiles. They’re more luminous and offer a fresh appearance when compared to traditional ceramic tiles.

Choose from large or small sizes to create the perfect look. Additionally, glass tiles can be arranged in an array of almost endless patterns. One thing to be aware of—while some backsplash tiles are fairly easy to DIY, others may prove a bit more difficult if you’ve never installed tiles. Depending on the size, style, and patterns of your glass tile backsplash, you may be better off hiring a kitchen contractor to complete this type of project.

Metal Tile

If stainless steel accents are your favorite, you’ll love how metal tiles class up a kitchen. Mix old and new tiles and consider unique and classic shapes for a modern and classy appearance. In addition to their distinctive look, metal tiles may provide homeowners with the best combination of durability and long-life.

Metal tiles aren’t just for the ‘stainless-steel’ look though, you can purchase metal tile in a variety of materials and colors that will fit any budget.

Stone Slab

The beauty of natural stone makes stone slab backsplashes a focal point in the kitchen. They’re more expensive to install, but their durability is unmatched. With stone slabs, you’ll never worry about grout joints failing in wet spaces.

Matching the solid slab stone to your countertops creates a stunning and bold visual effect in a kitchen. This style is also effective in ‘minimalist’ style homes as solid slabs create a continuous, unbroken plane. Consider using this style in a large, open concept kitchen renovation.

Natural Wood

Who said hardwood is only for flooring? Wood accents can add a rustic and warm ambiance to your kitchen. Natural wood backsplashes can be an affordable and eco-friendly option for your renovation, especially if you opt for reclaimed wood when possible.

When choosing a natural wood backsplash, make sure it’s properly sealed to prevent water staining.

Faux Panels

Interested in saving money? Laminated thermoplastic panels are affordable and make a great DIY project. The plastic materials can be cut with scissors and easily mounted on the wall. They come in many textures and colors and wipe down easy.

Combined Materials

There’s no reason you have to pick just one backsplash material. Combine a variety of different materials such as metal and tile for a complete custom look in your kitchen. Or make one section with chalkboard paint and install reclaimed wood in another to give a rustic, old schoolhouse feel.

Unusual Materials

Here’s your chance to get creative with your own unique style! Backsplashes don’t have to be limited to tile. Find unusual materials to create a personalized and unique backsplash for your kitchen. Choose water-resistant and easy to clean materials such as new or aged glass mirrors.

Don’t let all these options overwhelm you—if you’re ready to get your kitchen renovation underway

Which kitchen backsplash caught your eye? Browse more designs on Pinterest to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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  1. Wow, amazing ideas. i have never thought of such kinds of backsplash. Very creative. I think i must apply one of those idea for my kitchen right now. I love chalkboad paint because i have kids, i think they really want to try their creativity. Thank you so much.

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    Overall, great post, really enjoyed it.

  6. Awesome share. My wife and I purchased a new home and she wanted to jump into it and design our backsplash in our kitchen. She did very well I was super impressed with the detail, I wish I could upload a pic and share. She did the whole design and saved us a good bit of cash, it matches our new appliances she picked out for the kitchen. I’m one happy camper lol thanks for the post I will share.

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