10 ways to create a killer design for your house

Do you love to decorate your home? Then you know how expensive that can be! It can be hard to stop making changes, since there are so many options out there. This list will give you a few more, but these will be options that won’t break your bank:

1.Look At The Molding

Specifically the crown molding, which is also just the wall trim. It can really add to how your room looks, even if you don’t notice it right away. It adds to the overall atmosphere to the room a lot, and the vibe. It makes the rooms just look more professionally done, more fancy. The molding itself should be pretty cheap, so go out there and look!

2.Choose A Softer Paint Color

If you go for bold colors, it could make your rooms come off as too focused, like always having a serious tone or edge. If you choose a soft or subtle color, you’ll be able to change the furniture and the theme of the rooms very easily, and have whatever effect you want to have.


You can be so creative with pillows. They can be put everywhere and can come in so many different sizes and colors.



Curtains can add so much to a room that it can be amazing. Don’t underestimate them and the effects that they can have on a room! You can find very nicely designed curtains for cheap, if you just do your research and find good deals. To help you out with one example, if you go on http://mamma.com/uk/dunelm.com and search for deals from the store Dulem, you’ll see that their most current sales and promotions are listed on there. Don’t waste money when you don’t have to.

5.Shop Online and Use Coupons

There are many great online retailers that offer huge savings on anything you need to fill a room. Retailers such as Dunelm offer great deals on anything you might need! Most online retailers also accept coupons and discount codes which can be applied at checkout for even bigger savings! Mamma.com is one of many great resources for coupons!

6.Have You Checked Your Lights?

You can put lamps, shades to put around the lights, different light fixtures on your ceilings…so many options!

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7.Are You Sure You Want Carpet? How About Rugs Instead?

Carpet can stain so easily! They can require special cleaning, and can harbor dirt. All of the dirt, or hair if you have pets can be really, deeply, trapped inside the carpet fibers. Even if you get it specially cleaned, you may not get all of the germs or stains out. You may be stuck with allergens being trapped inside the carpet on your floor, and affecting you and other people. You may want to look into getting a hard floor, and if you love the carpet look, eventually buying some rugs instead.

8.How Do You Want Your Accessories To Be?

Do you want really expensive accessories, or do you just want the expensive look? I would suggest going with the second option, since you may change your mind about the look you want in the future. At least try an idea out, before really committing to buying expensive things.

9.Cheap Furniture Or Not?

Don’t get really cheap furniture! The material will wear fast and may even be falling apart a few months in. By investing more in furniture now, you’ll save money in the long run.

10.Make Sure That You Clean!

There’s no point in putting time and effort into decorating if you don’t keep your home clean! This should probably the area that you put most of your focus into. If the home doesn’t match the design, then there’s no point to having a nice interior design anymore.

Erin Emanuel


  1. The second point in the article is a good one to keep in mind. It is aa point that seems to be overlooked at times. And on a somewhat related note, a color sample (the color in a small amount) will not seem as bold as it does when it gets applied to a larger surface. What some do, is go a couple of shades “softer” so that when the color is applied to a large area like a wall, it will produce the desired feel.

  2. Love the photo with lights! This is my favorite shade design 🙂
    and yes, so agree with the previous comment about the point #2. Many do overlook it and choose bold colors for walls. I think it makes rooms to look less relaxing, not a desired feeling for your home.

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