[Infographic] 11 ways to upgrade your apartment this weekend

As the social reformer and noted wallpaper-enthusiast William Morris once quipped, the key to a happy and relaxing home is to dispense with everything that you “do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”, and to instead shape the space and the décor to suit your own tastes and personality.

Of course, this can seem like a monumental undertaking, and the apparent scale of the project can easily put you off getting it done. Fortunately help is at hand in this new infographic from Wimdu, where they show you how to upgrade every facet of your apartment over the course of a single weekend. Particularly suited to those with a hectic schedule, they break your Saturday and Sunday down into hourly blocks (with a break for lunch and dinner of course) so that with a little planning and forward thinking, you can achieve a miraculous upgrade in just one weekend – and still have time to spare.


Erin Emanuel