12 Childrens Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Are Pretty and Efficient

Lighting is a major factor in home decoration – it is usually seen as the final touch, yet it is so much more than this. Its immense transformative power can either make the whole decor shine or break it. We won’t go deep into the philosophy of lighting though, but dive into the world of happy children’s bedrooms, where things are more diverse than expected. And if you don’t know which kind of lighting fixtures to go for, here are some valuable picks. You are about to discover that childrens bedroom lighting ideas can do so much for the space and mood.


The Fluffy Paper Pendulum

While this has been around for a while, it’s still incredibly fresh and decorative. It’s one of the childrens bedroom lighting ideas that never fail. It lights up the space and fills it wonderfully. You can opt for only one such paper pendulum or for several, like a pretty bouquet. Choose the classic white or go for pastels. It’s cheap and, should it break or get too dirty, you will not be too troubled replacing it.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Floor Lamp

A tall floor lamp is usually seen as suitable only to offices, living rooms and other places fit for adult living. It’s got an elegant and even sober air about it, so who would think of such in conjunction with a kid’s room? Surprisingly, there are examples to prove otherwise. Tall floor lamps can be an excellent choice – they work so well as childrens bedroom lighting ideas. Here are the main reasons. First of all, there is enough light coming from them, spreading to the whole area around them. Besides, such lamps can be easily moved around from one corner to another in the room, thus providing a much needed flexibility. After all, kids don’t stay in one place – at one time they need light at their desk for reading and drawing, then they need it next to their bed, then in the play corner and so on.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

Fun Ceiling Shapes

Kids love when objects aren’t just standard objects, but personifications, fun faces, animals and so on. If you can find fixtures that represent such, their happiness is guaranteed. Light fixtures that get installed directly on the ceiling come in many shapes and look delightful. See these cloud shapes for example, or the popular sun and moon variety. Have them mounted on the ceiling and they will fascinate your kids for a long time to come.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Galaxy Projector

If this isn’t among your childrens bedroom lighting ideas yet, it will surely be brought to your attention by your kids themselves. None of them can resist a galaxy projector. However, note that this is only for ambiance and for sleep time, to prevent the room from becoming totally dark. You will still need reliable lighting for all other occasions. The galaxy or stars projector is a lamp that has been around for a while and is here to stay. The concept is very simple and satisfying. It can either show a very realistic night sky with exact planet and star locations, or project a fantasy-like, colorful sky.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Illusion Night Light

Another favorite among kids and teenagers, the illusion night light is as the name suggests – a light source that provides only very little, yet sufficient light to allow one to move around. It comes in countless shapes and in every possible color. The shape itself is a very simple one; it is basically like a glass screen with a laser projection on it. This projection can be anything, from a pretty unicorn to Star Wars characters. They’re absolutely stunning and look great on a night stand or desk.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

Kids’ Room Chandelier

Chandeliers are not only posh and sophisticated. These may come in simplified shapes, with fewer risky parts and thus more suitable to placing in a kid’s room. Chandeliers in this context are not a rarity; in fact they are quite often listed among childrens bedroom lighting ideas.

It is because most kids (girls, actually) adore the idea of having a chandelier. Yet, so many parents refuse for obvious reasons. If you do a search, you will find many adequate examples, especially employing soft pastel shades, so graceful and appropriate. There is no need for glass or metal pieces, no need for too many hanging parts.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Beaded Chandelier

A lovely variety of chandeliers is represented by the beaded ones. Although this one is constructed like one of the classic chandelier types, it has no loose hanging parts to be grabbed by kids. Besides not having such temptations, it’s made of safe materials. See below how stunning it looks. If your child is the demanding, pretentious type, this could be the best of childrens bedroom lighting ideas.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Multi-Spot Lighting

We mentioned above how flexible a children’s room needs to be, given all the different activities that take place in it. This is a great argument in favor of opting for multiple lights instead of just one. Identify the places that require a light spot, then purchase as many (similar or identical) lamps as needed. It can be cheaper than the alternatives. See the image below for placement and distribution suggestions. We think the best childrens bedroom lighting ideas have to offer flexibility. You can mount these lights or go for non-fixed lamps that can be placed wherever.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

Multiple Ceiling Lights

You’d love pendant lights or chandeliers, but you’ve had these before and your playful kids jumped at those, hit them with a ball or a toy and so on. Basically, such fixtures are not safe for you. When all other childrens bedroom lighting ideas fail, embrace the only viable solution: the small light spots incorporated to the ceiling (or to whichever surface can accommodate these). They will do the job as needed, while posing to danger to kids’ safety, as they won’t reach such ceiling lights. The temptation is thus brought to a minimum level. Children can thus play carelessly inside their room, with no worries of hitting and breaking the lighting fixture.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

Dreamy String Lights

None of the childrens bedroom lighting ideas presented above is as flexible as this one. String lights are the most versatile and can grace so many parts of the room. You can create shapes on walls, adorn a bed canopy, and wrap them around a decor branch, line a piece of furniture with them and much more. Where there’s creativity, options become endless. Besides, it’s a very cheap solution, not just perfectly adaptable. String lights instantly create a playful and dreamy atmosphere, thus being ideal for decoration.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Clip-On Lights

One of the most practical solutions is the clip-on light. Find one for 10 USD or less! If you can purchase this in your area or order online, it is surely worthwhile. You can then enjoy a reliable source of light that can be placed almost anywhere. It does need a support to be attached to. However, it allows a very easy one-gesture placement on a shelf, furniture edge etc., wherever your child needs it. When there is a task at hand, just place the light as needed.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

The Room Decor Table Lamp

Too many objects can mean a cluttered room and a greater expense for you. You can have a 2-in-1 with this lovely type of lamp. Stores everywhere have an amazing range of such lamps, with stands in the shape of animals or various decorative objects, and a lampshade fitted on top. It is a worthwhile investment, considering it can serve also as decor. The multitude of shapes and colors will help you find the perfect match for the room you are trying to lit up.

childrens bedroom lighting ideas

As you can see, there are more options than imagined. These childrens bedroom lighting ideas are fresh, helpful and versatile. To find what suits your home best, do not forget to take into consideration all other aspects, such as the space available, the furniture, the activities to be supported, as well as the age and temperament of your children.

Erin Emanuel