12 Lavish Bedroom Design Elements and Tricks

Interior designers insist on making your bedroom a most comfortable, soothing space that serves your rest needs as well as the amorous side of life. This is a rather easy task to achieve. Some people aim for more, however. They aspire to have pure luxury in their bedroom – like kings and queens, or at least like Hollywood elite. If that is the style you are craving, we will shortly let you know how to arrange a lavish bedroom where you will feel fabulously inspired and restored.


Mirrors and Metallic Shine

To some, metallic shine in the bedroom feels too cold. To others, it signifies luxury. First of all, for a lavish bedroom you can bring in at least a few big mirrors. These will enhance the lighting, expand the space and ‘multiply’ what’s in the room. Their silver shine will greatly enhance the room.

Lavish Bedroom

If you are seduced by this style and love metallic, then have these on the bed sheets, pillow cushions, curtains and so on. Decorative objects made of glass or crystal will complement this look.

The Impressive Ceiling

See the room below? Apart from the antique wooden piece opposing the bed, nothing could be actually called spectacular, but rather neat and of contemporary charm.

Lavish Bedroom Design

The bed can be seen in many bedrooms, the sheets are minimal, and the curtains and windows are very simple. Yet, it has an unmistakable grandeur thanks to its ceiling. If you add structure and dimension to that part of the room and hang an impressive chandelier, then your entire bedroom becomes a statement.

Chocolate Browns and Subdued Lighting

There is something about dark shades of brown – not only that these evoke the deliciousness of chocolate, but they convey luxury. Dark brown is often used to create a dark, luxurious, inviting atmosphere. There is also something very alluring about it. Of course, it is essential to have the proper lighting for such a setting – with dim lights placed here and there.

lavish bedroom

To make a top notch design, don’t mix other colors in it. Instead, opt for beige, cream, light shades, or brown, and black. Leather accents work well in a lavish bedroom like this.

Decorative Elements to Die for

This lavish bedroom isn’t just about the dark shades and luxurious textures. It’s got heavy curtains with a baroque pattern print, a sparkling classic chandelier, a mirror with a frame, which is also baroque in style. Moreover, there’re two ornamental stripes with lighting behind, on each side of the bed.

lavish bedroom ideas

The message behind all this is to be daring. You need to be courageous and pick some stunning elements of décor if you are dreaming of a truly lavish room.

Everything in Abundance

As long as you got a color scheme and a solid idea about the textures to use, you can go big on everything concerning bedroom furnishings. A big bed with loads of pillows (two, even three rows), ottomans, two fancy nightstands, plenty of lampshades, mirrors, paintings, frames, a few end tables, and so on will certainly do the trick.

lavish bedroom

The idea is to start small – pick one item of each, make sure these go well together, then increase the numbers and that’s it. Fit them together and admire the result.

Gigantic Mirror

You can have only a few well chosen elements and still boast with a lavish bedroom. The key is to have an entire wall (or as much as possible of it) covered with a mirror. This will simply double the space, giving off the impression that the room is double in size.

lavish bedroom

To make it spectacular, adorn it with a gorgeous chandelier, which will also be doubled in the chosen mirror. Anyone who sees this bedroom is not going to wonder about how much you spent on the bed or how many pieces of furniture you have. There’s something much bigger going on here.

A Touch of Gold

Ever since ancient times, gold has been the element to convey prestige, richness, luxury, and status. It often makes for the best adornment. Its warm shine can even grace a bedroom. In this picture, you can see it used in the artworks hanging on the walls, the bed cover, and the daring curtains.

lavish bedroom

There are also handy options, such as golden pillows or gilded frames and vases. In the end, gold is luxury, and where is gold there is lavishness. To complete the look, see how the yellow lampshades enhance the effect.

French Inspiration

The typical French bedroom is an icon for luxury, but keep in mind that it has a deeply feminine streak to it. To bring this style to life, you need a palette of pastels with no intrusions, ample bedsheets with flowery patterns, and several lamps – all of these with typical lamp shades, of course. Besides, the walls and the curtains also matter, as you can see below.

lavish bedroom

Try not to gasp at how wonderful this French lavish bedroom is. If you can actually make use of silk, embroidered fabrics or velvet, it’s going to be beyond marvelous.

A ‘Rich’ Contrast

Be it fashion or interior design, there’s something about the black and white combination. It’s what the rich and the stylish would use – therefore, why not try it out yourself if you are aiming to live like a star?

lavish bedroom

As harsh as they may sound together, black and white are in fact elegant, stylish and work well even in a bedroom setting. The example above proves it. If, however, you find it tiring, you can replace the blacks with browns or greys. The beauty will not be diminished.

A Round Bed with Canopy

Canopies are always an excellent choice if you want to upgrade your room. They evoke royalty and definitely suit a lavish bedroom.

lavish bedroom design

Lately, design projects have been using round beds with canopy, which are even hotter. It is the latest trend, if that is what you are interested in. If the available space and the budget allow it, go the extra mile and choose this shape and style. It would be amazing to have the rest of the décor equally luxurious. Think of a nice carpet and definitely luxury armchairs. Every visitor will have their jaw drop to the floor, for sure.

The Beauty of Murals

Anything seemingly historical, be it furniture or a series of old style oil paintings, is sure to help one create a lavish room. However, we found something that’s pure beauty and is truly worthy of a king or queen. Have a look at the murals in this bedroom – the walls steal the show.

lavish room

It feels like living in an ancient mansion in Italy. The bed and the sheets, as anything else in the room, is very simple. There is no need of any other ornaments except for the rich texture of the pillows. Everything is achieved by the stunning mural painting.

Curtains in Excess

The window curtain is an element that must not be overlooked when designing a lavish bedroom. Not only that it improves the quality of one’s sleep, but it also completes the room and changes its aspect radically. When it comes to the style we’re discussing, curtains and drapery can be in excess. There’s plenty of windows to be covered in the image below, hence the amount of fabric, but you can do the trick even if you only have one window.

lavish bedroom

This is how you do it: Install curtains for the whole length of the wall, not just the length of the window. It’s one way to go from boring to lavish in one step.

Designing a lavish bedroom or any kind of lavish room takes time and dedication, because all elements must match and create harmony together. And the more elements you have, the harder it becomes to get them together in a seamless fashion. It is a challenging design style, albeit one with great effects. Make sure to study these examples to learn coherence and apply it.

Erin Emanuel