12 of the Most Beautiful Fireplaces to Warm Your Home and Your Heart

Fire holds a meaning of closeness and unity since ancient times. It’s no surprise that everybody is so attracted to having a fireplace in their home. If you want one too, we picked 12 of the most beautiful fireplaces for inspiration – because once you’re set on getting one, it needs to have a grand effect!


Antique Wood for a Grandiose Effect

As we were saying, a fireplace recalls warmth and tradition. One of the best ways to evoke these is to have a sculpted wooden one, with more or less intricate carvings. Antique wood is a great fit and works wonders in a room with plenty of books and large, comfortable armchairs. It’s old school all the way and if you truly want to go big and have a stunning effect, make it fill the space up to the ceiling like in this picture.

most beautiful fireplaces

It is one of the most beautiful fireplaces we have seen. The details in the wood carvings make it look like a precious museum piece. It brings back the charm of old homes in a bygone era.

Most Beautiful Fireplaces with Marble and Steel

This design is the work of an inspired designer in a home in Atlanta, and is a perfect fit to the artsy, yet clean and refined interior. The Italian marble used here is pure elegance and works well with the blackened steel trimmings.

most beautiful fireplaces

The clean geometry adds to the elegance and does not weigh down the room. Simple lines, basic shapes, and high-quality materials are the solution for a minimalist design and a space full of elegance and style. It also proves that one of the most beautiful fireplaces can actually be a very simple one.

 The High Contrast Fireplace

Should it be white? Or should it be dark? It’s the dilemma that stops plenty of homeowners on their tracks. Both options have their remarkable qualities. If you cannot decide, or if both light and dark suit your room, then choose this combo of white and black.

most beautiful fireplaces

Have the inner side of the fireplace in dark stone brick or marble, while the exterior shines a lovey white. It makes it all stand out and definitely matches a great deal of interior designs. It’s look also makes it one of the most beautiful fireplaces.

Modern and Discreet

The antique traditional types of fireplace don’t always match a modern or artsy design. Below you can see an already eclectic room which features loads of textures and a large piece of modern art on top of it all.

most beautiful fireplaces

There is obviously no more room for a standard fireplace to weigh it down. It appears, though, that the owner still wanted a fireplace too, and a clever designer found the solution: a linear one, taking up very little space, stretching horizontally. The black marble matches the exiting textures.

Cast in Stone

In a very generous space like the one below, a fireplace acting like a central piece is totally welcome. It can easily act as a room divider, too. If your home isn’t that big, you can place it against a wall. The idea is to let the fireplace be the main piece and make a statement. Wrap it up in stone and let it go all the way to the ceiling.

most beautiful fireplaces

The stone slabs of various sizes are aesthetically pleasing and complement any décor. The fireplace in itself does not have to be anything spectacular, it’s the stone ‘dressing’ around it that matters.

Beautiful Bricks

Why the most beautiful fireplaces are always the ones made of bricks? There could be countless examples to illustrate this. However, we were delighted by this one – a brick fireplace in a light-filled room. That is quite a surprise, actually.

most beautiful fireplaces

Bricks are usually found in darkened, rural-themed, or industrial interiors. However, the designer here managed to integrate it to a pastel interior with generous amounts of natural light. Besides, the brick shade is a very dark one. It’s helped by the contrast created by the white sealant used in between. A brilliant idea indeed!

A Match to Wood Panel Walls

It’s already decided – your living room features wood panel walls. Having a wooden fireplace would be too much, and you’d hardly be able to distinguish and appreciate both elements. To keep the mood warm and homely, choose stone for the fireplace.

most beautiful fireplaces

Large pieces in neutral shades covering a massive structure are sure to create a grandiose effect – which is exactly what this room needs. You may leave it as it is, or hang a matching painting, or perhaps a mirror, as in the example below.

Fireplace in a Nook

This is certainly one of the most beautiful fireplaces ever built and you need to cooperate with an architect for this to come to life. It’s basically a nook in a wall, serving as fireplace. Also it’s elevated, so the guests sitting at the table can have a proper view of it. It’s small, takes up no space of the actual room and makes a gorgeous contrast with the décor.

most beautiful fireplaces

With the white being dominant, there black elements for contrast, also found in the dark bricks. For added elegance and luxury, there’s gold framing for the fireplace and gold accents on the walls, in the picture and mirror frames. Because the fireplace structure evokes an ancient home or a medieval kitchen, the same is evoked through the matching black ceramic vases.

The Château-Style Fireplace

Grandiose is often the word to describe the most beautiful fireplaces in existence. The example chosen here actually belongs to a French castle. The idea is suitable to French-inspired homes and anything that boasts with luxury.

most beautiful fireplaces

The marble structure reminds of historical paneling. As you can see, there is no actual mirror or painting on it, nor a possibility to hang one, as there already is a built-in round frame to evoke it. It’s beautiful and definitely elegant.

Sleek but Well Framed

What a stunning solution for this opulent, crowded interior! In order to stand out, the fireplace is framed in a simple, sleek and rather wide white frame. It is all it needs.

most beautiful fireplaces

In addition, the designer covered the entire space on top with a large mirror of the same width. The effect is simply gorgeous and makes it one of the most beautiful fireplaces.

The Double Mantle

Created by M. L. Bullard, this precious design of contemporary charm is ideal for a high ceiling. If you are a lover or art, beautiful objects, and generous home decoration, you may find this exciting and handy.

most beautiful fireplaces

By having a fireplace with a double mantle, you can exhibit more precious décor elements. Here, the first level is used for placing picture frames, while the second one hosts a trio of decorative orbs.

Showcasing a Precious Collection

This example may be nothing spectacular in itself – the fireplace is certainly beautiful with its flowery ornaments, yet its design is rather classic. You can actually opt for a very simple one, as long as it has a prominent mantle. The idea is to have it populated with art objects you want to showcase.

most beautiful fireplaces

The interior featured here seems to belong to a collector. There are beautiful vases and urns everywhere, including on the two display pillars placed in front of the windows and framing the fireplace. The theme is continued on the fireplace mantle, which is also graced by a most beautiful round mirror.

We believe that the most beautiful fireplaces aren’t just about the design alone. As these stunning examples show, it’s about what you want to convey and about how the fireplace is integrated to the room. It’s about what you put on top and around it. That is what ultimately decides how it looks and how spectacular it is, so make sure to count all those elements when you envision your fireplace design.

Erin Emanuel