These 13 Authentic French Bedroom Design Tips Are Flawlessly Romantic

French bedroom design is not complicated at all. Whether you aim for a spectacular result or wish for a barely-there influence, the gallery below will provide you with enough tips and sources of inspiration to create that much coveted stylish look.


Romantic French bedroom design

French bedroom design revolves around one word: romantic. And that is the quintessence of it all. The concept takes shape through a multitude of elements and, once you get a grip of these, it becomes easy to revamp your room. Think flower patterns, embroideries, soft colors and luxurious textiles such as satin and silk.

French bedroom design

Romantic French bedroom design exists to create a place where you feel pampered and romanced. It is graced by the classic bouquet of roses and by moody lighting through the small lampshades placed in various key points. It’s got plenty of floral textures and loads of pillows in silken pillow cases and inviting bed sheets with textile layerings. All these will surely make your bedroom cozy and stylish.

Think Pastels All the Way

When you say pastels in interior design, the first style that comes to mind is the French one. These concepts always go hand in hand. Therefore, if this is the effect you desire, go big on pastes and do not compromise, unless it is about an accent or two. The final result should be like something out of a fairytale or fit for a royalty. This is the standard French bedroom design and is surely soft and feminine all the way.

French bedroom design

Floral Curtains

Flowery patterns have long been a staple in French design. Basically, the French have used flower motifs to adorn everything for centuries. This can still be viewed in the shabby chic style, which has been a popular reinterpretation. To create that classic French bedroom design, one great tip is to adorn the windows with long, big, heavy drapery or curtains with flower patterns.

French bedroom design

Skip the Colors, Choose White

It’s like an obsession – once you mention French bedroom design, people immediately think of pink shades all over. We understand pink may not be everyone’s cup of tea. No matter how sweet and comforting it may be, eventually it gets too mushy and you become tired of it. The solution is to opt for white.

French bedroom design

It’s no departure from what French bedroom style means and will not get you as weary of it as pink shades. Besides, white conveys a perfect feeling of cleanliness and purity and is better suited to bring out metallic accents, aged textures etc. All of these work wonders in the said setting, by the way.

Choose a Heavily Adorned Wallpaper

The wallpaper is a central piece in your French-inspired bedroom renovation project. In this image we have an example based on botanical patterns with a royal look, conveying an elegant and at the same time vintage feeling.

French bedroom design

However, you may pick any other heavily adorned wallpaper in elegant shades, preferably with flower imagery, if you want to go for the standard. However, the examples are many. Stripes are also a very good choice when it comes to walls. By the way, do not be afraid to have two or more prints in the bedroom. As long as they’re of a similar nature (pastels, light contrasts, fine lines), there will be no crash.

Antique Shapes and Textures Everywhere

French bedroom design speaks of history and bygone eras. Therefore, it will usually feature plenty of elements that many consider to be out of fashion. Look at the picture below – many think that wallpaper, for example, to be completely outdated. Yet, it does not bother in this ensemble.

French bedroom design

Also count the round pillows, the feathered blanket, the drapery, vases, the lampshade, the mirror and picture frames – all of these have that old feel, yet they work extremely well together. Even the furniture and the paintings come from a different era. It’s not the rustic or worn-out type of antique, but a royal, glamorous, romantic one. This is what authentic French bedroom design is about.

A Rattan Bed Is Worth It

Invest in a rattan bed and you will not regret it. It sets the tone for the whole bedroom, is feminine and has a soft, airy quality about it. At the same time, it is grounding thanks to its color. It doesn’t have to look antique like in the picture below. Modern types also work well.

French bedroom design

As for the rest of the room, white surfaces surely go well, but it’s heartwarming and enrapturing to have a decor in shades of cinder rose.

Velvet and Other Statement Elements

French bedroom design asks of you to be daring. The bedroom owner may be a demure lady, but still, she needs to go bold with certain aspects. Choose a luxurious bed (velvet is simply the best), a crystal chandelier, a beautiful floor lamp and decor objects fit for a palace. These tips are necessary especially if you want it to portray opulence. Do not shy away from gold or bronze accents.

French bedroom design

A French bedroom design is often a very lavish one. If you cannot afford a bed of this kind, then go for small velvet upholstered pieces of furniture, such as ottomans or an armchair.

A Very Baroque Mirror Frame

Mirrors are an essential part of French bedroom design. The bigger, the better. Also, you must pay great attention to the frame.  Go for the most lavish one you can find.

French bedroom design

For a fully romantic and lavish effect, it has to be the Baroque kind. Choose a color that goes well with the rest of the room – it could be the same as the furniture, for example if it’s white painted wood, then choose a white wooden frame as well. Or, have a metallic one, be it silver, gold, brass etc.

Perfectly French with Lavender and Lilac

Lilac embodies spring romance and serenity, while lavender is the popular symbol of Provence, a region of France. Their delicate shades evoke tranquility and romance. You can never go wrong if you use this for your bedroom. Apart from being calming, such colors can compliment shades like white, gold, beige, yellow, sage green or tan. You will actually find some of these in the picture.

French bedroom design

You can, of course, complete the look by adding real lilac or lavender flowers in a vase.

Oil Paintings, Definitely

If you don’t like vintage portraits or pencil art, there’s a sure way to decorate a beautiful, luxurious French-style bedroom: by adding one or more oil paintings. Of course, it is recommended that these paintings also follow a traditional style. Refrain from abstract ones unless the colors or the mood they convey are a sure fit.

French bedroom design

Go Baroque Like Crazy

For those who love an opulent style, this is your chance to shine. When it comes to French bedroom design, there is no limit to how lavish and decorated it is. The Palace of Versailles is your source of inspiration. Have as many ornaments as you like, go for fluid forms, rich decorative elements and textures, plus countless layers. A Baroque extravaganza is welcome when French style is embodied. Therefore, have fun with as many elements of decor as you like.

French bedroom design

Old Fashioned and Fancy Is the Way

See the drapery below, the mirror frame, the nightstand, the lampshade and especially the ruffled bed sheets. These have not been trendy in a long while, in fact such pieces would rather belong in a museum. However, the French style revives these and puts them together in a harmonious romantic bedroom.

French bedroom design

If you inherited such things from your grandmother, it’s time to use them. If you don’t own any, you can search the stores and aim for the girliest items of all – at the same time hunting for the vintage ones.

If you do the French design style correctly, you can be sure that the quality of your sleep – or your romance – will increase. Make your bedroom become an oasis to both your calm and your passionate nights, a place of splendid femininity and charm.

Erin Emanuel