Minimal House Design – 13 Brilliant Ways To Prove Less Is Often More

The beauty of minimal house design is that it works in both restricted and massive spaces. Minimalist architecture can help you get a home that is clutter free, simple, and affordable yet trendy.

Minimalist Architecture and Minimal House Design

Minimalism as a type of styling is popular among those who are not typically inclined to accumulating material things. For those seeking to find contentment in having less, the minimal house design can offer inspiration. For those who are seeking inspiration for crazy houses can find it here. There are a few characteristics attributed to this architecture and design:

  • It is simple and balances between form and function.
  • It strategizes in its use of materials, choosing them based on texture, personality, and visual appeal.
  • It emphasizes on maximizing free space, ensuring light is always abundant.
  • It minimizes the use of decorations as they reduce or subdue spaces.
  • It favors simplicity when it comes to cladding and finishes in the interiors and exteriors.

Minimal House Design Architects

There are architects that have built their careers entirely out of minimal design. Ludwig Michael is among those that started the modernist architecture movement and minimalist design.

In our modern times, John Pawson, Peter Zumthor, and Eduardo Sounto de Moura continue to advocate for minimalism. If you are drawn by this kind of aesthetic, here are some designs to inspire you.


Four Cornered Villa

Clean lines lend a lot to the success of this minimal house design. Do note that there is an apparent lack of splice joints, which would otherwise cause a visual interruption.

minimal house design

The use of a singular cladding material creates rich visual interest, and the physical qualities of the materials is maintained. In examples such as these where the façade is made from wood for its rich texture, the lines which could be alternatively horizontal, remain straight.

The Stripe House

minimal house design

Minimalist design discourages attaching unnecessary functions to your space. This design by Gaaga architects demonstrates how an abundance of space does not translate to abundance in clutter. Large windows allow sunlight to freely penetrate every space, and this infiltration is helped by the bright white walls.

Interior by INT2

The brick wall painted white in this kitchen conforms to the overall aesthetic where white defines not only the backsplash, but the roofing trusses and the cabinetry. The desired theme is monochromatic which is made, possibly, by subtle additions of the art piece and the lighting pendants.

minimal house design

The cabinet tops look and feels uncluttered and the lower storage is sufficient to make any upper shelving redundant. The warm wood in the island and in the bar-style stools add a bit of warmth and interest into the cold space.

Skylit House by Downie North

The importance of natural light in minimal house design cannot be overstated. Where large windows are implausible, skylights can be installed. They are more dramatic and can make a claustrophobic space feel more open and inviting.

minimal house design

This home was part of a stock development but having been remodeled in a minimalist style, feels exotic and new. The redesigned architectural layout is not only efficient, but dynamic and serene, which enhances the experience of simple daily living.

Timber Ridge Sea Ranch Cabin

Unarguably the most practical design in the woods is minimalist, given how little you should impede on the nature around you. This Timber Ridge shows an execution that is perfect.

minimal house design

Using low cost, reclaimed materials for its façade, the little home feels like it belongs in this setting. Despite this, it can accommodate six thanks to its use of pull-out furniture and split levels to maximize on space. Large windows ensure light is aplenty and reduces lighting needs during the day.

Modern Contemporary Minimal House Design

A monochromatic color palette is ideal for minimal house design. The absence of complex color palettes and patterns results in a simple design that makes the space feel both occupied and free.

minimal house design

Moody charcoal is the primary color used in this set up, with a modern sofa and geometric carpet completing the look. The LED line under the TV is a nice accent and adds interest to a wall that is only has a mounted TV as the only defining feature.

Open Plan Design

The open plan design is integral to the minimalist style, and this open plan kitchen and lounge area is an execution that couldn’t have been more perfect.

minimal house design

The white room has singular layering, with the white rectangular area forming the seating area, and the grey forming the kitchen. This use of contrasting colors is encouraged but is not necessary for creating areas that are visually distinct. The important thing to remember is to ensure no fixtures, furniture pieces or ornaments clutter up the space.

Black Floors in Minimal House Design

Black floors are atypical but can have such a unique aesthetic that they should be considered in your minimal house design. They can be both complemented and contrasted by the furniture.

minimal house design

In this living room, they have been paired with black and white artwork and white walls. The giant green ferns offer a splash of color that livens up the space.


Ornamental pieces are often discouraged, as they have a space hugging effect. If you must include accenting pieces to your walls, monochromatic works of art can be added.

minimalist interior

In this set up, human faces are chosen for the pieces, and they feel quite natural in this setup that also features a creased rug, low seating and futuristic coffee tables. If you prefer a bit of color, that design language should translate to the other pieces in the room.

minimal house design


A tropical design can be had with creative use of plants and wood. In general, wood adds credence to the design when it is chosen in individual pieces.

minimalist architecture

Wooden floors and wooden furniture used together will reduce the visual volume of the space. When used in chosen pieces however, it works more effectively. Use of plants remains highly encouraged as they add a natural warmth and allure that would not be had with other accenting items.


We have previously pointed out on the essence of having no clutter, but it bears repeating.

minimal interior

The success of minimalism is largely hinged on avoiding clutter. This will be hard if you are a frequent non-essential buyer or collect a lot of decorations. Stick to the basics, and add minimally to the space when it comes to ornaments or art. You must practice a lot of restraint.

Exposed Concrete

Industrial décor can be used in minimalist interiors to much success. While concrete is often regarded as a foundational material, it has a versatility that can be taken advantage of. This bedroom features an exposed concrete wall that feels unobtrusive yet urban.

minimalist interior

The large corner windows and reflective walls ensure light is always in plenty. The low profile of the bed in a room with high ceilings enhance the feel of openness.

Leave Your Floors Free

When you have plenty of space, there is the temptation to add over style it. This expansive space need not be colonized as displayed below.

minimal house design

An ornamental shelf, low hanging chandelier and structural beams are enough to make the space feel both occupied and free at the same time. Very little has been needed to convert the feeling of warehouse to loft.

There is the small challenge that we need to address- making a space look warm and inviting. With minimalist house design encouraging fewer colors, patterns and textures, a dynamic atmosphere can be hard to create. But as the above examples illustrate, only a little creativity is needed to achieve that effect. A few styling elements can be integrated. The key is to know when to stop designing or adding to the space.

Minimal house design should be furthered due to how cost effective and timeless it can be.

Erin Emanuel