Striped Walls Living Room Designs: 14 Eye-Catching Styles

Striped walls evoke a luxurious hotel room in Paris, with sultry pastel shades and chic details. Of course, the Eiffel Tower views are not missing. At the same times, these could remind others of modern and posh Gothic clubs. The versatility of stripes is indeed something remarkable. You can adapt them to a myriad of situations and styles – see below 14 picks for striped walls living room inspiration:


The Multi-Width Shabby Chic Pastel Stripes

Wallpapers adorned with vertical lines in pastel colours

Wallpapers adorned with vertical lines in pastel colors and of different width are the best known example for striped walls. These fit a large number of homes but work best where the furniture is inscribed to the same pastel trend. It’s the well-known shabby chic style that’s so endearing and so calming.

Bold Contrast with Large Stripes

Bold Contrast with Large Stripes

This is perhaps the boldest example of a striped walls living room we’ve seen. The black and creamy white contrast is something that can never go wrong and, if you add metallic accents such as the glamour mirror frame in the picture, you’re getting a classic and ultra-posh look. Sure you have to be daring, but as there are no bold colors there, it’s a design that can rather suit many homes.

Horizontal and Colorful Striped Walls Living Room

Horizontal and Colorful

Brave interior designers identified the representative shades of the decor and rendered these onto the walls in broad horizontal lines. The effect is a very modern and dynamic one. Here, the stripes borrow the cream, tan and sky blue from the furniture, rug and objects around, which is a brilliant idea. Everything is in perfect harmony.

In order for this idea to work, make sure your room does not feature bold colors, otherwise it will fail. Pastels, coastal, or earthy tones are best suited to inspire such walls.

Monochrome Walls with Embossed Stripes

Monochrome Walls with Embossed Stripes

Perhaps color isn’t your thing or it simply has no place on your walls. The good news is, you can have pure white (or monochrome) walls and still enjoy the elegance of stripes. The black and white room above exhibits a very stylish wall with a high density of vertical embossed lines. See how the natural light creates the shade behind each line. The solution is a wonderful one and does not clutter the space at all.

The Serenity of Coastal Colors

coastal colors

When white is dominant, it would be a good idea to add stripes to the largest wall – especially if you’re using pastel shades such as these ones. Coastal hues are stunning in this decor with mostly neutral and very light shades. It can work in a beachy home or even in a city-center apartment when you go for a striped walls living room. It’s your call, as long as the look is right.

Freestyle Painted Striped Walls Living Room

Freestyle Painted Stripes

A youthful decor or a bohemian one call for creativity and a sense of freedom. This is easily achieved with painted walls. Instead of a wallpaper with rigid lines, it’s so much better to paint the lines freely on the wall. Artsy souls will fall in love with this idea. There couldn’t be a better example to illustrate this.

The stripes are all grouped at the lower part of the wall, letting the upper part preserve its serenity. Also, these feature colors taken straight from the room’s decor. Besides, the wall paint matches the cosy knit fabrics so well. Perfection.

Grey, Soft, Elegant Striped Walls Living Room

striped walls living room

You may want to consider one of the most elegant options available for a striped walls living room. It consists of equal vertical lines alternating white and a very light hue of grey. The example above is that of a bathroom, but is illustrative and inspiring for any room. Just imagine this alongside modern or glamorous furniture. Not only pink shades work, but also cream, beige, greys, browns.

A striped walls living room in light grey is extremely eye-catching, albeit the pattern in itself is a discreet one. It is pure elegance and style.

Two Tones of the Same Color

striped walls living room in soft peach

If you’re wishing for a striped walls living room but no big contrast, here is the solution for you. Many designers have opted for a soft, lovely, elegant duet of two colors. In fact, there is only one color, such as this soft peach, but in two different tonalities. This means you have one lighter shade of it and a darker one. This alternation generates a beautiful effect without putting too much weight on the walls.

Horizontal, Big Contrast Lines

striped walls living room

So far we’ve only seen stripes in a light and airy context. However, the example above shows how wonderful a striped walls living room can be in a completely different tone.

The black and white stripes (can be brown, too) work well with the colorful decor and, at the same time, have an inviting and comforting feel. It is because horizontal lines have a distinct effect. These are very calming, compared to vertical ones. They also make a room seem larger. Therefore, while this combination of colors and contrast is daring, it creates a inviting atmosphere due to the lines positioning. For a fashionable living room, you can surely choose a darker striped wallpaper like this one.

A Rainbow of Colors

striped walls living room

This is yet another accent wall idea – a harder one to implement, albeit exciting and striking. As long as everything else is minimal (number of furniture pieces, decoration, colors), you can paint an accent wall in a ‘rainbow’ made of the most suitable shades. This white room has a few blue spots, therefore it makes sense to have blue stripes on the wall too.

Complete these with two adjacent shades – in this case the following ones in the rainbow: green and yellow. It totally makes the room come to life, otherwise all that white would be too sterile.

The Barely There Stripes

The Barely There Stripes

A striped walls living room sounds like too much when the decor already features stripes – see the carpet below. However, this design example rather adds “texture” to the walls. It would work well with white walls for sure, but this matte dark grey is surely amazing. All the lines in this room are delicate and not overbearing, which helps a great deal. The effects is a highly refined one.

Neat Horizontal Lines Mimicking Wood

stripes drawn onto the walls

Perhaps for some reason you are unable to add wooden walls to your living room. Still, the look would be ideal. In that case, you can have stripes drawn onto the walls, whether these be cream, white, offwhite, grey, beige or blue. The idea is best suited to homes featuring the coastal or Hamptons style. It works equally well with farmhouse style or rustic interiors. The illusion of wooden planks is totally desirable.

Stripes on Accent Walls Only

striped walls living room

Looking at the picture below, you’ll first notice how elegant and balanced it is. Then, with a more careful look, you may notice that it’s got different striped patterns on several walls. This may sound excessive, but it can work so well. This isn’t what we are advising you, though. If you are unsure of stripes going all around the room, then pick an accent wall. Have that one, or only part of it, decorated with nice, slender, refined lines. There is no way that can be excessive.

Colorful and Extravagant

striped walls living room

Let’s say you have a playful, daring, bold spirit that needs to express itself. Then your living room decor should reflect that. Shabby chich or refined luxury won’t do it for you. By all means, go for a bold yet harmonious assortment of colors like in the photo above.

We chose a bedroom example, but if you replace the small bed with a sofa you have a perfect living room decor. These daring stripes are best suited to a retro setting like this one in the picture. If your furniture isn’t retro, choose accessories to reflect the style.

Feel inspired yet? We hope you have enjoyed this stylish and contemporary selection. Stripes are more friendly and versatile than you may think. Get ready for your striped walls living room – you are going to love it and your guests may never want to leave!

Erin Emanuel