14 Earthy Living Room Ideas that Are Inspiring and Affordable

Psychologists have long praised earthy tones for their numerous benefits. Earthy colors are calming ones, have a soothing and grounding effect on the psyche. These are also because they attract a partner. It was proven that people are drawn to homes with shades of brown for example and feel more secure. Thus, earthy living room ideas are not just trendy, they’re essential to one’s long-term wellbeing.

From modern to bohemiam, earthy interior design is a great success. You will find this theme to be easily adaptable, thus easy to implement. Have these 14 earthy living room ideas as inspiration.


Shades of the Desert

Earthy living room ideas

Warm beige, cream, honey tones are ideal for the earthy look. They merge into each other flawlessly. In the example above, monotony is avoided by using the dark brown shade of espresso for contrast. You may or may not opt for the bright green details. Light blue would work just as well. All in all, the beige and the browns suffice. Going for desert tones is one of the easiest earthy living room ideas to implement, thanks to the availability of such shades in furniture and home accessories.

Wood, Stone, and Gray Tones

earthy living room ideas

It’s incredible what a cosy vibe it inspires. The stone fireplace is archetypal, while the furniture is placed ideally around the round table and the fire. Comfortable fabrics grace the living room, which features generous wooden surfaces and some shades of gray. Do not be afraid to mix gray into such design – it isn’t a cold color once it’s touched by the warmth of the light.

The Classics: Hardwood and Leather

earthy living room ideas

We must include this classic among these earthy living room ideas. If you already own such furniture from older generations, it’s time for a revival. Complement it with a few pieces of contemporary art and you’re done.

If you feel like investing, you cannot go wrong in the earthy department if you choose a lavish brown leather sofa and hardwood furniture. It’s the definition of earthy in most classic terms. Obviously, there is an air of sobriety and old comfort to this, so make sure it matches your lifestyle and persona.

Chocolate Walls and Dark Accents

There’s something extremely comforting about chocolate shades, caramel, coffee, milk coffee, and so on. Have a look at these wonderful walls and dare to choose a similar wall paint.

earthy living room ideas

When implementing earthy living room ideas, most people tend to leave the walls white or cream. However, you can certainly obtain a stunning effect with something bolder. Chocolate wall paint allows you to have everything else in lighter shades, even white. To add sophistication and contrast, have a dark brown piece here and there: a wall clock, small tables, décor items, wall lamps, ottomans, and pillow cases. The smaller these details, the more interesting it will look as a classy, contemporary earthy interior design.

Modern Earthy Minimalism

If modern is your style, you may want to keep it minimal. The geometric shapes, clean straight lines, and airiness convey the modern style perfectly. However, the shades tell a different story and we bet you have not seen this too often.

earthy living room ideas

It is perhaps one of the most striking earthy living room ideas in the book. Look at the multitude of colors, from cream to honey brown and from grayish to coffee bean.

The Simple Light and Dark Makeover

If your living room is small and all you can do is a minimal makeover, here is a solution. If you already have furniture in light cream/white and dark shades, you’re lucky.

earthy living room ideas

All you have to do is add accent pillows in similar shades, perhaps some brown curtains, a few ceramic vases, and definitely bring in some green potted plants. These are the key elements to earthy interior design and work wonderfully even in the smallest of places. Wooden surfaces and comfy fabrics are, of course, a must.

Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Earthy living room ideas don’t have to be boring. If you find browns too boring, you can use some variety and still be faithful to the theme. Look in nature for further inspiration – the sky, the flora, the water. Earth tones work well with greenish or blueish accents. Therefore, if you want to break the monotony and have some cold shades involved, see the picture below as example.

earthy living room ideas

The teal pillows and vase are enough to brighten up this living room, along with the greens, and make for a very natural palette.

Earthy Living Room Ideas with Textured Browns

Sometimes it’s all about texture. Look at the masculine, rugged earthy interior design below. The colors are those we’ve seen before, with some added plum shades. What strikes is the abundance of textures. See the fabric of the curtains, the sofa and the pillows. Additionally, there’s the traditional rug, the wood, the brick and stone fireplace, the leather.

earthy living room ideas

There’s a lot going on in this room and you don’t need all those elements. However, even with half of all that richness of elements and textures, you can create a gloriously earthy living room.

The Exotic Touch

earthy living room ideas

This one is easier to achieve than you think. If your living room already has the right shades in it, simply focus on adding decor pillows in animal print fabrics and objects and art from exotic places. Think of African art like slender statues and masks, or beautiful ancient ceramics. Complete the look with bright green houseplants for that exotic feel.

Olive, Taupe, and Ivory

earthy living room ideas

We understand, brown isn’t exactly your thing and you’d still like to have beautiful earth tones in your living space. Here’s how you can ‘cheat’ the brown scheme. There are certain shades which create a similar atmosphere, such as taupe, olive, and ivory. Use these together like in the picture above, add houseplants in lovely pots and, for good measure, have a dark shade here and there for contrast (although it’s not obligatory). The mentioned color theme also has a luxurious vibe.

Earthy Living Room Ideas with Copper, Gold, and Yellow Accents

earthy living room ideas

This is yet another one of the earthy living room ideas that are suitable to those who need more color, luxury, or extravagance. It’s still earthy, but with a twist. In a beige or brownish theme, you can add pieces of furniture or decor in brighter shades of copper, orange, gold. These shades will make the room more lively and exciting, if that is the vibe you are going for. The same can be achieved with art or decorative objects alone, in the mentioned colors.

Sage Green, an Ideal Shade

Sage green is such a calming shade, perfect for an earthy interior design even as dominant color. It works well with ivory, beige and especially with vanilla shades, as seen below.

earthy living room ideas

Its a fresh take, yet it still has a strong natural vibe to it. Sage green makes for a wonderful alternative to all other colors presented above.

Aged Elements

There’s a trick to achieving an earthy feel even without having to change all the colors and textures in your home. Simply by adding aged, old, antique-like elements, you will change the vibe in the room to a strong ‘earthy’ one. Look below, there’s a dark, aged picture frame on the wall, and especially notice the treasure chests. These appear like remnants of an old time and act as grounding elements.

earthy living room ideas

Rustic Flair, Straight from Nature

Its incredible how in such a small space the designer gathered so many elements from nature: the wooden planks, the rugged wooden table, the dry twigs, the furry pillow, the weaved basket, the desert-like abstract painting. There’s an abundance of natural textures and colors, creating a bohemian, rural, even slightly exotic mood.

earthy living room ideas

Other elements that we don’t see here but would definitely work are fur rugs and fur throws, as well as wooden sculptures. By bringing such elements together, you can surely honor the theme.

Earthy living room ideas revolve around certain colors, but also materials and textures. This means you have countless possibilities to transform your space. Not only living room, but you can add color as well as sophistication to your small condo space too. Also, its easy to control the costs when doing so. Reading good online resources will help you find more brilliant ideas to decorate your living.

Erin Emanuel