2 Common AC System Condensate Drain Issues

The condensate system in your air conditioning unit serves to transform the humidity from your home into water, and helping in the cooling of your home. The water is then drained from the air conditioning unit, results in cooler air in your home.  The purpose of the condensate drain is to drain away this water and remove it to the outside air.  The condensate drain is a very important part of the air conditioning process, as without the drain removing the excess water, the results could be drastic to your home and to your well-being.  This article will discuss two common condensate drain issues that are typically caused by the drain becoming clogged by dirt or debris, and how to keep the drain cleaned to prevent these issues.   

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Mold Growth 

Mold growth is a very common problem that can result from a clogged condensate drain in your air conditioning unit.  Mold can be very harmful for your health and difficult to get rid of if not caught in enough time.  Mold is caused when excessive condensate gets trapped in the pipe and is not distributed to the outside.  Fluctuating temperatures from outside of the home can increase the ability of the mold to grow within the pipes.  Signs that you could possibly have an infestation of mold could include a musty smell in your home, allergies heightened, air conditioner not working properly. Checking your condensate pipe is a good way to determine if the mold is caused by the clogged drain.  Moisture will be pooled around the pipe if there is a clog in the drain.


Another common problem caused by a clogged condensate drain is flooding in your home.  When the water backs up in the drain, it could result in flooding that is not caught until the water infiltrates into a room or under the flooring, which could lead to costly repairs.  It is vital to catch this issue quickly, so as to not have unnecessary repairs or costs, not to mention potential loss of personal belongings.

To clear a blockage from your condensate drain, you can pour some bleach down the pipe, as the bleach can help break down the buildup in the pipe.  If the blockage is major, you might want to try using a wet/dry vacuum to get the blockage out.  If all else fails, call a licensed technician to take care of the blockage.

It is also a good idea to put a pan under the AC handler in case of a leak, so the pan can catch some of the water. It is always a good idea to schedule routine maintenance servicing on your air conditioning unit to insure that a licensed technician checks that your condensate system is functioning properly.  However, when changing your air filter or any other routine check ups you might need to make on your unit, you can check the floor around your AC handler to insure there are no problems with water backup in your condensate drain.

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