2014 kitchen trends – painted kitchens are in

We all love a beautifully painted kitchen don’t we? From flooring and walls to cabinets and counter tops, there are endless ways of adding a pop of colour into our cooking space and bring it back to life. But are you sure that the choices you’re making are the right choices? With such a wide palette available on the market, it’s of the utmost importance to opt for combinations that can actually complement your kitchen and not clutter the whole space.

White colours for your cabinets are great, but don’t you feel that it’s time to think outside the box a little? Have you ever thought of painting just one cabinet in a bright colour like yellow for example? Believe it or not, this year’s kitchen trends are all about being innovative. If you have an original idea you’d like to pitch in just to switch things up a bit, don’t hesitate and do it.



Painted kitchen island – make it stand out, opt for royal blue

No American kitchen is complete without a kitchen island. But if yours is plain white or made of hardwood and you’d like to repaint it, the best colour you can think of is royal blue. There are plenty of DIY tutorials on how to paint kitchen furniture on the web, so why hire a professional when you can do it on your own? Refurnishing a whole kitchen can be expensive, but if you’re just trying to add a splash of colour, repainting your kitchen island might be exactly what you need. If your space has white counters, marble flooring, and the overall vibe of your kitchen screams tranquillity and harmony, royal blue paint will definitely add a touch of liveliness.

Painted cabinets – mint green

Today’s modern kitchen is no longer entirely made of hardwood. A lot of home-owners are trying to make their cooking space look more modern and chic. Those old-fashioned cabinets you’ve been trying to replace for years can easily be restored if you choose to repaint them. Why buy new furniture, when the one you already have can be easily revamped? And if you’re trying to decide on a beautiful colour, mint green will not just open up your kitchen, but it will also make it look more vivacious and modish.


Painted counter tops – smart colour blends

Every kitchen needs a makeover every once in a while, but rather than buy new furniture, sometimes it’s best to spend your money on paint. You’ve heard it right, so make sure it’s the best on the market. If you’re a colour fanatic try not to mix two strong colours and opt for pastels. Your newly painted counter tops must match (to some extent) with the rest of your kitchen. Let’s have a closer look at some killer combinations:

  • Beige & brown – beige can be such a soothing shade for your counters, not to mention that in combination with brown, the result will be extraordinary. If you’re not an expert painter, check the web for some tutorials and you’ll be surprised of how simple it is to reinstate those dull kitchen counters you’ve been having for years.
  • Matte orange & gray – this year it’s all about unusual colour palettes, so if you’re tired of a black & white kitchen, it’s time to switch over to orange. Paint your cabinets in a light Gray colour, and add a strong orange nuance to the counters. It’s amazing how many chances you can bring to your kitchen with paint.
  • Cherry red & green – for some other room of the house this combination would have been disastrous. Yet, when used adequately, this combination will bring your kitchen out of anonymity. Cheery red cabinets are beautifully mixed with green flooring and walls. Of course, make sure that the green is as light as possible, and stay away from additional strong colours like yellow for example. It’s nice to have a beautiful colour mix, but nobody likes a rainbow kitchen.

Painted kitchens are the newest trend and although the easiest way is to do the job yourself, sometimes buying already-made items is not that bad either. At the end of the day, it’s all about the budget you have available for the remodelling. Why do we love painted kitchens? Because they’re chic, modern, and ultimately, interesting. As devoted home-owners who spend more than 10 hours per day in the kitchen, it’s only normal to want our spaces to look nice and feel welcoming.


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