3 Clever Space-Making Design Techniques For Your Conservatory

A good conservatory can be a great investment for any commercial business.  If you’re opening a restaurant or a bar, the structure will give customers the opportunity to enjoy their refreshments outside.  If you run a hotel or B & B, it can make a perfect area in which they can simply relax.  It’s important, though, that you make the most of the space available.  Fortunately, we’ve put together this piece on three great ways in which you can make the most of the room in your conservatory.

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Link it up with other rooms. One of the easiest ways to make your conservatory more visually appealing is to have it attached to another of the property’s main rooms, such as the dining room or the bar.  This way, the combination of the two different spaces will create a substantially bigger area than either of them could provide on their own.   This can work perfectly within the dining room of a restaurant, offering far more table space than was otherwise available; ideal for those busy Saturday nights.  It’s also very suitable for a larger bar or pub, giving customers the chance to enjoy their refreshments whilst enjoying the view of the great outdoors.  If you need extra space for customers, then the combination of a conservatory and another room is the ideal way to get it.

Make use of bi-folding doors.  Of all the ways that your conservatory space can be manipulated, bi-folding doors are perhaps the most useful, especially if you run a public venue.   When used properly, they can turn a larger conservatory into two rooms, adding a sense of business for those nights where there are less bookings.  They can also simply close off areas that are privately booked, and make a great substitute for your standard sliding or patio doors: this is perfect for those summer months when your customers will want to enjoy the fresh air and stunning weather.   What’s more, high quality bi-folding doors will still help to let the light in, ensuring your conservatory still looks the part all throughout the year.

Use multiple designs.  Another sure-fire way to lend an impression of space to your conservatory (especially if it’s within a larger, commercial building) is to make it multi-purpose.   In normal homes, conservatories often serve multiple functions, anda commercial conservatory can work in a similar manner, such as featuring a small bar at one end (complete with relevant seating) as well as something like a salad station or a carvery at the other (perfect for busy Sunday lunches).   The other alternative is to have your conservatory fulfil different functions at different times of the day.  For instance, you could have your conservatory kitted out like a coffee shop during the day, but then use the small close time between lunch and dinner service to switch it over to a bar (or just additional dining space) during the evening.  This will give you the opportunity to offer customers both services without needing to find the extra space, and increase your profits as a result.

Author Bio: This article was contributed by Mark Caulfield at The Caulfield Conservatory Co, a company which specializes in Solarlux bi folding doors.

Erin Emanuel