3 Cooling Repairs to Avoid

A large investment in the household is the air conditioning unit. If there is an issue with it, everyone stops. People do not find it easy to deal with excessive heat during the summertime.

A regular maintenance schedule is important to the lifespan of your air conditioning system and to keep healthy air flowing all around you. Besides, changing the AC system is not something you do regularly. With the right kind of care, your AC system can last you for years. Another reason why you need to care of your air conditioner properly is they are costly to replace. To keep your AC system in tiptop shape, you need to keep the following things in mind.



Make your AV systems leak proof. Check for leaks in the hoses a couple times a year to ensure there are no issues that can lead to expensive repairs. Ideally, the onset of summertime is the best time to check for leaks prior to using your AC system for the first time and then again in the winter after you turn it off for the season. It is essential the condensation tube is draining freely to ensure your AC unit is smoothly running.


Your air conditioner has an electromechanical switch known as a conductor. Occasionally the contactor’s silver coating may wear off and make the contractor stick, which will cause the outdoor unit to continually run, and this can get expensive in terms of energy bills. Electricity can sometimes attract ants and they end up becoming squashed in the Contactors, keeping them from being able to close correctly. If this should happen, the outdoor system will not run. Electricity can sometimes fail in the Contactors. During a spring time tune-up, these things are checked, so it is important that the surface is cleaned for the technician if needed, and if failure seems inevitable, the technician will have to replace the unit.

Evaporator Coil

You turn your AC system on for the first time this season, the unit turns on, but your home is not getting cooled down. If here is an accessible evaporator coil in your central AC unit, you can easily clean it yourself. The coil is situated over the air handler and may be accessed easily by unscrewing the screws and removing the foil insulation tape. Use a mirror and a stiff brush to clean the tray and coil carefully. Add around a tablespoon of bleach into the tray. Put the screws back in and use duct tape to seal the leaks. If this does not seem to solve the issue, you will need to call in a HVAC professional.

Keep an eye on your system. After a new system is installed, some homeowners fail to take care of it. If it adequately cools them off, they just assume this is enough. However, it is important to be mindful of your AC system, as it is installed by someone else, and unlike refrigerators and LCD TV’s, it is not as easy as just plugging it in and using it. So, your job as the homeowner is to keep an eye on it. After the system is operating and installed, checking for abnormalities like water drops, sound, the improper heating and cooling, and even vibration is what you must look out for. If you should see something that is not right, get your professional HVAC technician on the phone, regardless of how minor the issue is.

Author Bio: Howard Wentz of Charlotte, SC is an HVAC enthusiast. He works with HVAC technicians across the country advising them on technology and other issues.

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