3 Easy Ways To Save On Your Electric Bill

Save Electricity !!

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Saving money on your electric bill may seem like a difficult challenge. After all, electricity has become somewhat of a necessity in today’s society. You can make sure all of the lights are turned off when you leave a room but that helps so much. Have you thought about which methods you can use in your home to make a noticeable difference on your monthly the electric bill? If you are stumped, perhaps we can make some helpful suggestions.


Invest in an Energy Efficient Space Heater


If you have central heat, it makes very little sense to run your heating system in order to heat your entire home if you only plan on being in one room over an extended period of time. If you have a large home, grabbing a blanket and a space heater may be the best solution to your skyrocketing monthly electric costs. You can get a good space heater for starting only $25 on various web outlets.


Trash all of your Incandescent Light Bulbs


When you think about a light bulb, it is hard to imagine that this simple bulb could be what is causing your family to go over its monthly budget for electricity expenses. You may be surprised to know that your standard incandescent light bulb is a 60 watt bulb while the new generation of compact fluorescent lamps better known as CFLs only use 6 watts of power and they fit in any lamp or light socket currently available on the market. This 90% reduction in energy use will equate to big savings over the course of owning your home.


Install a Programmable Thermostat


When you replace your traditional thermostat with a programmable thermostat, you get the luxury of being able to turn the heat or air on or off at certain times of the day. For example, why would you heat your home while you sleep under your covers at night? If you wake up at 8am everyday, why not set your thermostat to turn on at 7:30am so that you can enjoy the heat or air when you wake up but not have to pay for it to essentially go to waste while you sleep. If you have the same work schedule each day, you can quickly see how helpful a programmable thermostat will be in your home.
If you institute these three small investments in your home, the investments will pay for themselves in no time. Being energy efficient is not only helpful when it comes to balancing your checkbook, it also saves the environment. Why not do good for the earth and save money by making your home as energy efficient as possible?


This post was written by Thomas Jay, article writer for Philips; Industry leaders in LED Lighting home solutions.


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