3 Lawn Tools You Need To Own

If you have a lawn it is crucial that your maintain it. In some places you can even be fined by the homeowners association for not cutting your grass. These fines can cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Not only that but the state of your lawn can also reflect on you as a person. When people see a messy lawn they assume that the people who live in the house are also messy. This is bad news if you want any kind of relationship with your neighbors.Lawn

Lawn Mower

This is a no-brainer. If you own a lawn you should own one of these. Of course there are many different kinds of mowers and you will need to purchase on based on your needs and preferences. If you have a tiny yard you probably don’t need a big and expensive riding mower. But a regular old push mower can be hard to operate especially if your lawn has an irregular surface. If you fall into this category there are self propelled push mowers that you can invest in.

Whatever you do don’t skimp on the quality. Your lawn mower is like your car. You will be using it a lot and you want to buy one that works and that will keep working. There is nothing more frustrating then sinking money into a mower you bought for cheap that breaks constantly. Not only can that be a strain on your pocket book and patience it will also mean more time that your lawn goes unmowed.


There are a lot of names for this device. I have heard them called weed eaters or weed whackers. Really all they are is a machine that spins a plastic or metal cord at a high rate in order to trim weeds and grass. This tool is essential for reaching areas that your mower can’t get to like right up against a fence or in a nook behind the air conditioning unit.


While the mower can deal with the bulk of your lawn care needs it doesn’t do a very good job of making clean lines and edges. This is especially true where you lawn meets with a hard surface like a side walk or your driveway. Getting a nice clean edge is simple with an edger. This tool cuts vertically to ensure that there are no stray leaves of grass hanging out over your walkways.

Using an edger will give your lawn the clean polished look that you normally only get from professional lawn care specialists.

Do the right thing for you lawn. Get these tools and use them. You will thank me.

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Erin Emanuel