3 Of The Top Cities For Real Estate Investing In 2018


Top Cities For Real Estate Investing In 2018

As it is known to many of the real estate agents, for a great investment there are two factors that matter, growth, and affordability.

There might be situations where your client is not really interested in investing in real estate, rather than doing that, they might be in for buying a home or simply make their portfolio grow with a property.

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But your job is to make them believe that real estate is a good choice that they should make. This is true in case of appreciation of markets, where the home price is affordable enough and the employment generation is also good. Cities that have the potential to grow make it even better!

Cities For Real-Estate Environment That You Could Check Out

If you’re dealing with clients who are looking for cities that are there for real estate investments you gotta tell them about these. This list of 3 top cities to invest in is a great way to start. All of the cities mentioned do have a high level of growth opportunities and a healthy rate of employment.

Here are some of the very famous cities you could invest in:

  1. Jacksonville, Florida

This is the city of your dreams! Trust me when I say this. Jacksonville has ranked number 1 in the houses that have a reasonable price to themselves. It has a home price of about 232000 dollars and also a high rate of appreciation. This area has the CAP rates at 7.2% which is quite healthy. This place is very good for real estate investments. Make sure you don’t miss out on this. The beaches, parks and the social scene that is there in this place will make you want to move in for the rest of your life!

  1. Columbus, Ohio

This is the place what you shouldn’t resist on investing for. Columbus has its own charm and some features that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The price of houses that there are in Columbus is up to 200,000 dollars which is really affordable if you want cheap houses to be what you want. Also, appreciation is guaranteed as soon as you invest you’ll start getting the appreciation.

Though the prices are going to go up a bit because of the growing population and the job market combined. The companies like nationwide insurance, Honda, JPMorgan chase & co. Have this place as their headquarters and they definitely don’t plant to get out of here.

  1. Kansas City

Kansas City is a market you don’t want to leave. It is an affordable market which has great infrastructure for you!

This place is growing economically and in the field of population. According to Young Management Corp, the economic growth has been followed by good health and finance as well as insurance etc.

Also, you can expect a high rate of appreciation. And the houses have prices of about 132000 dollars. I mean that’s cheap! So Kansas City is not a city you want to miss.

So this was a brief on 3 cities you want to invest in for real estate investments. Hope you liked the article.

Erin Emanuel