3 Secrets To Picking A Killer Investment Property

Property investing has become popular with individual investors in recent years. Now, many people invest in real estate and rent out their properties to tenants. Other investors flip properties by buying and reselling a property quickly. When a buyer lands a deal, the investment can pay off quickly as the owner of an investment property will enjoy positive cash flow and solid appreciation from their property. Of course, to succeed, one must find a great deal; otherwise, they may end up with a huge problem on their hands. Here are three secrets to picking up a killer investment property.

Investment Property


Money Talks

The real estate market moves quickly. When investing in real estate, an investor must have funds lined up before making an offer on a property. An investor with solid credit should qualify easily for a pre-approval from a lending institution. A buyer who is seeking private investors must line up the investors before looking at properties. When an investor has money lined up, he or she can jump on deals quickly. Not only that, when an investor has funding, he or she will have the upper hand in negotiations and can get the best deal on a property. One must remember, in real estate, money talks.

Choosing the Right Property

The best investment properties are in disorder. Many potential investors will run from a house that requires a lot of rehab work. A smart investor can take advantage of this by buying houses in distress. A smart buyer should have contractors lined up who can work on the house quickly. Ideally, when buying a house, an investor should bring along a contractor to decide how hard it would be to rehab the house. When a buyer has a solid contractor, he or she can bid with confidence and pick up some serious deals.


An investor must surround him or herself with people in the industry. In real estate, networking is crucial as agents and investors often work together. When an investor has many contacts inside the industry, he or she can get advance notice on a new listing and get the inside scoop on a property. When beginning to invest, a buyer should start slow and build their reputation. As their reputation improves, he or she will be privy to a lot of information. Though it is not necessarily fair, the best real estate deals do not make it to the open market as industry professionals usually pick up the best properties.


It is difficult to make money in real estate without doing a lot of preparation. When buying an investment property, an investor must do copious amounts of research. Unfortunately, many people jump into the game without any training or experience. When an investor takes time to learn the secrets and build up their reputation, he or she has a better chance at making money in their real estate investments.

This article was written by T. Beasley, blogger for OrlandoROI. Visit their site to search for available investment property in Orlando.

Erin Emanuel