3 Tips To Attract Home Buyers by Boosting Curb Appeal


Tips To Attract Home Buyers

If you have looked into how to sell your house fast, you have probably come across the term “curb appeal.” Real estate agents often talk about it as something you need to have if you want to quickly attract a lot of buyers. What is curb appeal? To put it simply, it is how your home and property are viewed at first glance when someone pulls up outside. Like with many things, first impressions really matter when it comes to selling your home and getting the best price possible.

Consider the following three tips that will help your home look its very best when you put it on the market to sell. They all help you achieve wonderful curb appeal.

Beautiful home exterior during late spring season with clean landscape

Tip 1 – Refresh and Renew the Exterior

When it comes to refreshing and renewing the exterior of your house or other real estate property, the keywords are clean, clear and color. At the very least, hire a professional to powerwash the walkways and door areas as well as any cement, brick or wood porches, decks and patios. Painting trim and doors is another great tip. Choose neutral colors or subdued classics instead of chasing the latest trends or going with unusual, eye-catching shades.

If the residential property still boasts its original wood or vinyl shutters, consider updating them to a new, more attractive style. Exterior shutters for windows now come in hard-wearing PVC, with a diverse range of colors and styles to suit any architectural design. They make a house look more inviting and homey than simple plain walls.

Clean windows go a long way to making a home look bright and inviting. A potential buyer wants to know that you maintained the property well. Always remove rust, mildew and moss, and debris from surfaces like your porch and your roof. The greatest curb appeal comes with an overall holistic approach to presentation.

Tip 2 – Easy Beauty You Can See From the Street

A simple yet highly effective way to boost curb appeal is through the addition of flowers and attractive foliage plants. Large rectangular planters by the walkway, on the porch or as accents near the garage or front door make it simple to add beauty without disturbing existing landscape layouts. Consider flower window boxes and a door wreath too.

Other ways to give a boost to curb appeal include landscape lighting that is subtle yet beautiful. Consider solar lights for a low-energy alternative. Classic accents like wooden benches, bird baths and small fountains entice visitors to have a closer look.

Tip 3 – Focus on Bigger and Brighter Ideas

Along with small lights lining the path to the front door or the driveway, or mixed into landscaping bushes and plants, remember that the entrances should also have sufficient light. Even if most real estate customers come by during the day, having available lights creates more curb appeal. Other ways to make your home look brighter is to clean windows till they sparkle and have light-colored window treatments inside.

Not only do people who are looking for a new home want a bright, cheerful entrance way and well-designed landscaping, they also want a property that feels spacious. Acreage and square footage are set numbers you cannot change, but there are ways to make the property look larger and thus create a greater level of curb appeal. For example, trim back trees and bushes from doorways, paths and windows. Cut tall bushes down below window height to make the house look larger. Curved paths, rather than straight ones,  give the illusion of a larger yard.

In the end, learning how to boost curb appeal is all about making an excellent first impression. People who might want to purchase your real estate property will drive by many houses, and curb appeal will make the difference between them stopping for a closer look and driving right on by. Use these three tips to increase curb appeal and make it easier for buyers to choose your house for their new home.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Great ideas! Gorgeous curb appeal can go a LONG way. Exterior updates and great landscaping will definitely make a house stand out in the crowd.

  2. I agree curb appeal will definitely attract potential buyers because it is the first thing they will see and will give them a great first impression. Awesome blog by the way.

  3. This post gives some good tips to boost home’s curb appeal. We will definitely consider these points while going for the same. We also came across some roofing tips that will be helpful to enhance your home’s curb appeal like using green roofs, use of wooden roofs, adding dramatic roof lines, using non-traditional and composite tiles, using galvanized iron roofing.

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