4 Common Mistakes of Decorating a Living Room


Living Room Design Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know interior designers spend their lives studying what makes a living room “perfect”? After carefully planning for hours, and spending a fortune, we still fail to create the perfect place because of one small (but costly) mistake.

Following, we are going to share some common mistakes people make that plague their living room, and how can you avoid it.


The Showroom Vibe

An amateur mistake that plagues the living room is retaining the “showroom feel.” Showroom Feel means everything was bought from the same store and preciselyarranged how they showcased it. You need to add your personality by mixing new things and adding elements to create an exciting and individualized living space.

Stand out by mixing different elements like textile, accessories, and lights. These small details add personality. You can add a small rug, side tables, floor lamps, blinds Canada, etc.

Not Planning the Layout

Don’t push the furniture against a wall and call it a day. There is planning involved when it comes to design a room. You need to consider the size and color of the room. Moreover, consider the view from different seating elements (and angles).

Doing this will help you address several issues. Therefore, before you go shopping, you need to assess the room and plan where you will put each item.

Making it Too Precious

There was a time when people pride themselves on unused and plastic wrapped furniture. Those days are long gone, but we are still addicted to making our living room too expensive for everyday use. Today, you need to design your living room according to the convenience of your daily life.

Therefore, look for stuff that can survive daily use. There are new fabrics that are tested to survive the wear and tear of everyday. Moreover, make sure you have enough storage in your living room for books, toys, remote controller, junk, and other stuff. It’s always helpful.

Poor Seating

Do you know what makes a great living room? A Great Sofa! Its common people invest the top-dollar on everything including the rug, electronics,anddécor, but they want to keep their old sofa. The usual excuse is it’s not too old, and it can live a few more years.

People don’t mind an old sofa in the midst of a new living room. We are not against it; it’s just that they will never achieve the perfect look with this old heap in the center. A good seating option is a key to comfort, and its central to how the room feels and look.

So, when you buy a new sofa, consider the height (low height means having a hard time using it) and draw a plan before shopping. Stick to basics like quality fabric and timeless shape. Don’t fall for the ornate details like winged arms, nail heads, tufts, curved legs, etc.

Don’t feel boxed in, and limited by the architecture of your room. Yes, you need to choose the furniture based on your room’s architecture and period but don’t let it restrict your options, be creative and mix different styles.

Erin Emanuel