4 DIY Simple Decorating Ideas for your Nursery

The nesting urge can get particularly strong while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive. Usually, both parents start feeling powerful urge to prepare for their newborn’s arrival and create a space that’s distinctive and welcoming for their little one. Below, you can discover four simple decorating ideas that will let you express your decorating style without much time or effort on your part.


Apply a Strong Paint Color to the Walls

paint-color-strong-soImage via Flickr by Tabitha Blue / Fresh Mommy

If pastels don’t suit your baby’s style, you might want to consider choosing a deeper color for the nursery. Colors such as chocolate brown, royal blue, or burgundy are a few eye-catching options. If you want to create a cozy look without overpowering the room, try using white paint on the lower half to two-thirds of the wall and keep the deep tones near the ceiling.

You can also divide the two colors with a wallpaper border. For a more distinct separation, consider using a wooden molding. You might also want to use a deep tone on only one wall as an accent color. Hanging white or light-colored art against the dark wall will keep the design fresh and inviting. You could also experiment with decorating the painted wall with white decals.

Create DIY Wall Art

Want to create some text-based décor for your nursery that will have deep meaning and reflect your family’s history? Blogger Kelsey Williams — who claims not to be crafty at all — has come up with a clever idea for DIY nursery art.

Start with a store-bought canvas and then cover it with several layers of paint. Choose a quote, a brief poem, or a word or two that you’d like to post in your baby’s room. Use stencils to cut out the letters from maps of you and your partner’s hometowns, places you’ve lived, or even places you traveled to on your honeymoon, or throughout the relationship. Glue the letters on the canvas, and you’ll soon have a beautiful custom piece of art for your future child to cherish.

Make Your Own Café Lights

LED Christmas lights are the perfect base for most craft projects because they won’t get too warm. These lights also last longer than regular Christmas lights and even offer a 90 percent energy savings.

For this project, cut small X shapes in ping-pong balls and apply them to the bulbs of a string of multicolored LED lights. You can find LED light sets from sources such as Christmas Lights Etc.

Once completed, you’ll have a string of softly glowing, pastel-colored lights that you can set to slowly fade on and off, an effect which will mesmerize your baby and create a comforting mood.

Craft a Felt Ball Initial

Colorful felt balls impart texture and energy to a space. Even though these balls don’t move, they can still bring a fun sense of bounce and movement to a room. This cute DIY felt ball letter is an easy project, even for beginning crafters. Start with a large wooden letter from a craft store — a hanger should already be attached. Using hot glue, cover the front of the letter with felt balls to create a unique and whimsical nursery decoration.

String Hand a Hand Made Cloud Garland

This quick, simple and inexpensive project can be hung over your baby’s crib, or really anywhere you see fit. You should start by tracing out clouds on white felt and then whip stitching two pieces together. Once the clouds are constructed, use embroidery floss to string them together. With this dainty decoration you can instantly add a dreamy mood to the room, making for the perfect nap spot.

By adding your own clever touches to your baby’s nursery with ideas like the ones presented above, you can easily fill up the space with your own personal twist and creativity. Plus, simple projects like these will also help you pass the time spent in anticipation of your new bundle of joy. And you get the added bonus of knowing your baby’s room is filled with custom pieces that we’re made with plenty of love and care. This decorations could be treasured for years to come!

Erin Emanuel