4 Modern Home-Office Furniture Designs that Make Work Fabulous!

A first look into the office space can instinctively tell a lot about the work environment and its culture. Probably that is why most of the highly skilled employees are often choosy when it comes to working in an office. All work and no play makes an office environment dull and boring – which is often strenuous and hard for someone spending most of the time there.

Enter the new millennial work culture – which is more about co-working, recreational courts, scribbling walls, quirky work places, artistic furniture pieces, incredible productions and other amazing perks to gag about. Probably this could be what the future corporate space will look like, where incredible ideas, designs and thoughts are going to act first and conventions later. That means – employees are no longer tied to their desks while working or the conference room when holding a meeting. The present office work culture is mobile and has moved on to becoming an innovative interaction work station. An employee can now comfortably stretch his legs on a sofa and happily tick away his laptop keys, while a team can gather within a surrounded cubicle wall to hold a stand-up brainstorming session. Ideas are infinite and so are the choices that build up the present corporate layout, where work is always faster, livelier and cheerful.

Does this make cozy corners and cubicle privacies a mismatch with modern office design layout?

No. What has changed is the manner in which they had been utilized so far. Take a look at some of these incredible office furniture pieces to realize why design and innovation go a long way beyond just the type of work that you do.


#1 – The ‘Ringfort’ Cubicle

occubicles1Imagine your office cubicles as a ring-fort set-up in the middle of your office floor. Like the picture above – this is the ring-shaped wall that stands tall in the middle of the office at Realex Payments. Popularly named as the ‘Ring Fort’, its round and sturdy wall allows team members to hold energetic stand-up meetings minus the disturbances and barging intruders. The inner wall serves as white-board, where your team representatives can neatly sketch the market line of curves and point out the company goals and deadlines. The outer wall is open for decoration or scribbling, whichever way you want to make it feel like.

The Ringfort cubicle breaks away from the stereotyped one-man cubicle walls that we had known till now. What’s best about it is that it elevates team spirit and reduces waste of space and cost. Think it this way – One Ringfort cubicle = one big conference table + the chairs. This zero sitting arrangement activates the thinking process and the feeling of team work. Meaning: More active and less idle brains. This is the ideal piece to bring into any office, where everything is about combined effort and delivery.

You don’t always need to use new cubicles; you can also go for used office cubicles Orange County to design cubicles that enhance employee productivity.

#2 – Pallet Supported Conference Table

occubicles2An innovative and friendly office space is more welcome than ever. However, it transforms into a motivating work station when innovation friendly becomes environment friendly. For this, we steal a furniture idea from the interiors of Quirky.

Built with simple DIY pieces (the pallets for the table legs and the glass for the surface top), they make the entire innovation far more interesting than an ordinary top-class conference table. Add to this some recycled Herman Manville chairs and there you have an entire innovative design furnishing to complement the corporate look.

#3 – Plush Sofas

occubicles3There’s nothing incredible about plush sofas but the thing is that, office spaces are being more dominated by them. From vintage styles to cushy colorful designs – these lounge stations make cozy corners ideal for collaboration and creation. It even keeps everyone within the team close to each other. That means everyone is kept on the loop about each other’s work progress. The modern home-office space is more about ‘we’ and less of ‘I’ now. Make sure to invest on the ones that are warm and inviting to your guests as well.

#4- Graphic Designed Woody World

occubicles4As if work itself was not enough! But then, excitement is what feeds your office employees and this could in any form. If you are a boss who still has a deep respect for conventions: meaning love for old-fashioned cubicles, no problem! For this, you will be taken straightaway into the Cartoon Network offices in Atlanta for some inspiration. Just like you they too like following the conventional style. However, creativity has no bar when you take a peek into the physical work environment.

Cartoons. Cartoons everywhere! From furniture to cubicle walls, the place is full of cartoon customized chaos – just the way employees like it. Not a cartoon person? Are you into typos? Turn your world Typo studded just like one of Adobe’s meeting room.

Start-up life is not easy. However, the best part about them is the fun and flexibility that employees enjoy at work. Exciting work spaces boost up the energy and charge up the creative instincts. Which is why, home offices today take care to provide an environment that employees would love to work in.

Buying new furniture does not always match the big ideas that build up your brand force. Besides, expensive price tags are always a matter of concern that limit down your power of choice. But then changing your choice can widen up your choice. You can instead go for used office furniture and recycle them into brand new designs that make employees talk about even in the social media. All that entices are always bound to go viral online. Who knows, maybe your home-office would soon become the viral talk of the town where everyone wants to send a job application.

Author Bio: Jessica Parker is a professional content writer and she uses her talent to give away decoration ideas for homes and office spaces, and enjoys writing on topics for choosing the right kind of used office cubicles, shelves, and other furniture.

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  2. Just because you have to work in a cubicle or a desk, does not mean you will work in a bland space. There are really great choices for desks out there and I would not mind sitting in those desks. I get frustrated with bland cubicles, so it’s time for a change. Thanks for the pictures of those really great looking desks!

  3. I love the ‘Ring Fort’ design you show here. I’ve been looking into replacing the furniture in my office, and I thinkmy team members would like the inviting collaborative curves. I imagine the wood would be a welcome change from the laminates and plastics of our world too, although wood can be expensive. I wonder if I’d be able to find something like that used. Either way, thanks for the post.

  4. There are really very different and unique desk designs. I like Graphic Designed Woody World, it is trendy and have creative designs.Modern look of desks is very impressive.

  5. Wow! they are great piece of art and work, This are really beautiful and highly used at personal office and work.plus sofas can be perfect for single person to work privately.

  6. I have a boss whom you have described here quite precisely as he still has a deep respect for old-fashioned cubicles! And I believe that we need to change our office furniture so that the employees will feel more comfortable there, and cubicles are definitely not an appropriate surrounding for it! I hope that I will be able to convince him to get some modern furniture and redesign the workplace completely.

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