4 Reasons Why A Cloud Telephone System Is Right For Your Business

If you run a small business, you know how costly it is to make  out-bound calls to your customers. If you want to join the elite group of intelligent business owners who know how to lower operational costs and improve efficiency, you should consider switching from a traditional analog phone system to a business communication system or cloud telephone system. The cost of a VOIP service is generally cheaper than that of a traditional phone system. Plus, you get full control over your phone bills when you choose an IP phone system.

First, VoIP is cheaper because it uses the Internet to transmit calls. Therefore, the network providers do not need to invest in costly access networks and could pass on the savings to their customers. VoIP service providers could even provide unlimited long distance plans to their customers thanks to the technology advantage that they have.


Since VoIP is Internet-based, it does not depend on any location. Therefore, a business owner could get any number he wants, without having to move his office to the new location to register for the new number. Many businesses are utilize this feature to make their business appear more professional to their customers. A business could be based in Asia and still be able to get a US phone number and even US office address to use for its business transactions. This way, the customers, especially those in the US, will find the business more trustworthy.


To reduce the long distance call costs, many businesses are now free to choose a local phone number in any location that best benefits them. For small businesses that need to do a lot of conference calling on a regular basis, VoIP may be the best technology they could count on. Conference calling through a landlines is especially expensive. However, with VoIP, there is virtually no limitation at all. So long as you have enough bandwidth to host all the participants’ calls, you are good to go. Since the calls are made over the Internet, they are very cheap also.

Many Fortune 500 companies have already utilize the power of VoIP technology to reduce their telecommunication costs and improve efficiency. If you are dealing with a lot of long distance calls and conferences in your business, maybe it is time to give VoIP telephone systems a try.

The author is a regular contributor to technology and telecommunication blogs and writes about business communication systems focused more towards latest useful equipments such as cloud telephone system.

Erin Emanuel