4 Reasons Why Home Elevators Are Better Than Stair Lifts

When you think of an older person adapting their homes to fit their more limited abilities, plenty of changes come to mind. A railing in the shower, an easy-access phone in case of emergencies, and a bed that’s easier to get in and out of. What about traveling to the second floor? How do you imagine they get up the stairs?

Stair lifts are a popular solution among those with handicapped needs and easy living preferences, but there’s an option much better out there—a home elevator!

Here are four simple reasons why you should choose to install a home elevator instead of a stair lift.


It’s easier for users

 home-elevatorsYou may not realize, but stair lifts can still be difficult for the people who need them to go back and forth between home levels. They involve strapping yourself in and climbing up onto the seat, which can be difficult for those who have trouble getting up and down the stairs.

In place of all this struggling, invest in the easiness of strolling onto an elevator!

Another problem that occurs with stair lifts is the added trouble of getting them to the correct floor.

What if someone accidentally leaves a stair lift on the second floor and then walks back down to the first? That action traps the stair lift on the second floor, making it impossible for the user to get back up unless they climb the stairs to retrieve it.

With an elevator, you’ll have the convenience of just hitting a button and having it come to you.

It’s just as affordable

Easy living home elevators may seem pricy, but places like North Home Gallery can provide them at cost effective prices that compare to prices of inferior stair lifts. Plus, insurance companies are bound to help if it’s deemed necessary by a doctor.

Don’t settle for the worst investment without doing a little research first.

It’s less dangerous

Elevators are safe, easy and simple as can be. You step in, hit a button, the door closes and brings you to your destination. There’s no risk factor, a perfectly safe activity for the frail.

With a stair lift, the user has to worry about falling out of the chair or making sure you’re properly buckled in. A closed door is a safety net that requires little to no extra effort.

It doesn’t block the stairs.

The worst thing about a stair lift is the way it blocks the stairway for other members of the family. Even when the seat is pushed up, it’s still an uncomfortable squeeze to get by and the space to get up the stairs is decreased due to the railing the stair lift travels on.

For someone who lives with others, an elevator is an extremely more convenient investment, leaving the stairs free for others to get up and down. Plus, if grandkids come to visit, they’ll love a ride on the home elevator!

Erin Emanuel


  1. They are actually not as affordable. In home elevators can run tens of thousands of dollars. Yes they are simpler to use but they are complicated to install and can have problems with maintenance. Stair lifts are easy to install, they can usually be installed the next business day and can be easily uninstalled and moved if you sell your home. They typically run around $3000. Stairlifts are the way to go if you need to get around easier in your home. Dennis, http://www.towsonmedicalequipment.com

  2. Home elevators may not be a solution for everybody, but they surely have some pretty neat advantages over stair lifts.
    And if you have a big, beautiful home like in the picture it’s really the better choice

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