4 Reasons To Earn Your Real Estate License Online

Have you been thinking about changing careers and earning your real estate license? A real estate license can dramatically change your career opportunities. You can work for yourself, work with no office, or take up any number of careers from real estate investor to mortgage loan underwriter. There’s no shortage of opportunities for people with a real estate license.

real-estate-licenseIf you’re ready to change careers, you can get your real estate license online. Learning online has some distinct advantages over traditional classroom-based learning, especially for people who are already working and want to change careers.


Lower Costs

First, a real estate license is much more affordable than retraining at college. Passing your state’s real estate license exam makes you fully qualified to become a real estate agent and it can benefit you in many other careers.

When you earn your real estate license online, it costs even less.

For some of the most affordable online real estate courses available, check out RealEstateU online. Their courses are more affordable than many competitors because their course content isn’t outsourced. Everything is designed in-house by real estate professionals.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The length of time your online real estate license course will take depends on which state you’re in. For example, while you have to complete a 75-hour real estate license course in NY, you must complete 3 45-hour online real estate courses in California.

When you study online, you can complete these courses on your own schedule. When you engage in self-paced learning, you have the luxury of making sure you get it right, absorb the information, and reach your educational targets in your own time.

Learn in Your Preferred Style

One of the perks of RealEstateU online real estate courses is that they cater to several styles of learning, including visual, auditory, and reading/writing. Their online courses are presented in video-lecture style or as audio if you prefer to sit back, listen, and take notes. In addition, RealEstateU provides downloadable PDF textbooks of the course material, so you can read through or consult notes as you study after you’ve watched the lecture.

Learning in your preferred style or in multiple styles will help you absorb the information and better prepare for your state real estate exam.

Work-Life Balance

Broadening your education to change your career can be tough when you’re raising a family and working full or part-time. Learning online helps you maintain a work-life balance even while you study. Not everyone has the luxury of quitting their job or taking time off work in order to study. There are still bills to pay, even while you improve your education. The same goes for your family – you can’t put everything on hold, even if it will benefit you in the long run. Learning online helps you juggle work, family, life, and school.

When you decide to earn your real estate license, do it online. You can do it at your own pace, maintain a work-life balance, learn in your preferred style, and learn at a lower cost.

Erin Emanuel