4 Roof Design Ideas for the Modern Home

Roofs are an essential but often ignored exterior of the modern home. They can be redesigned in a lot of different ways to add both to the aesthetic value as well as for making the house more energy-efficient. So, if you want to break away from the traditional shingles and try a contemporary design, you might just find what you are looking for in the following four roofing ideas.


Going Flat (Almost)

A lot of people think that flat roofs are only reserved for commercial buildings, but in truth, flat rooftops have started making their way into residential construction as well. They will still have a bit of pitch though, just enough to let the water slide off and drain. The flat roof might be suited more for houses that are predominantly designed in a contemporary style, but there are no rules set in stone!

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Curved Roof

The curved roof is one of the most attractive yet simple design choices in contemporary roofing and the beauty it adds to a house or a garage is worth the extra cost. Granted, it won’t necessarily add anything extra in terms of features, but it will certainly impress your guests. Do make sure that there’s enough of a slope for rain and snow to drain off. Metal might be a good material of choice to make the curves stronger.

Roof of Art

If you happen to be an art aficionado, you will definitely love the idea of turning your entire roof into art. There are so many ideas and possibilities here and while it’s certainly going to be expensive, there’s probably no more definitive way to stand out and turn your house into a piece of art. However, do keep in mind that if you are going to turn your roof into a sculpture, you will need to make modifications to certain other parts of your exteriors as well, to strengthen the structure and ensure it matches the theme.

Reflective Roofing

This isn’t necessarily a separate idea, but rather something that can also be incorporated in some of the contemporary roofing ideas already mentioned. Reflective roofing is particularly useful in regions that experience a lot of heat during the summer months as its primary objective is to reflect most of the sun’s heat back, instead of absorbing it. The purpose of such roofing is utilitarian, rather than aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be visually impressive as well. Besides, reflective roofs will help you save more energy by keeping your home cool during the summer months. In fact, they even contribute towards cooling down the temperature around the whole neighborhood.

Before you try out any of the ideas mentioned here though, you will need to discuss the details with your roofing contractor. If you happen to be reading this in Pittsburgh, you should contact Roof Solutions. They are renowned as an expert local company that can handle any and all kinds of residential and commercial roofing needs.

Got any more great ideas? Let us know!

Erin Emanuel