5 Care Tips for Maintaining Your Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone gives your home a beautiful look. If taken proper care with simple steps, the stone will continue to serve your countertop for years. Natural stone countertops do not just add a luxury touch to your kitchen, multi-purpose rooms, and baths, they are a fantastic choice for durability as well. Regardless of the type you choose, it is important to figure out how to look after the stone to avoid damage. Here are a few suggestions for routine care and cleaning that apply to both natural and manmade.stone


1. Seal your stone to avoid staining

Usually, natural stone is penetrable meaning it is able to absorb staining agents from splattered liquids, dropped food, and other substances. To prevent staining, natural stone countertops should be correctly sealed and resealed as required.

A good way to determine whether your countertops should be sealed or not is to pour little water on the most-exhausted spaces and let it sit for a few minutes before cleaning it away. If the spilled area has a dark spot, this indicates that the stone assimilated the water, and sealing is required.

You can either do it yourself or you may want to hire a stone care professional to do the sealing. If you’re based in the UK, try your luck with Revive Stone care. They are experts at cleaning, installing, restoring both natural and manmade stones. Have a look at their website re-vive to know more about what all they do.

2. Clean only with proper stone-safe products

Regular cleaning should be done using a pH neutral cleaner particularly assigned safe for natural stone. Stay away from any cleaner that is abrasive or acidic. Even if you clean your natural stone with a dish soap & water, it will form a filmy produce and cause discoloration, subject to the ingredients of dish soap. Even a glass cleaner will be worse as it might dim the polish.

3. Treat stains as soon as possible

Stains spill up quickly. Whenever there is a stain on your stone, wipe it away as soon as possible.

4. Avoid damage

With calcite based stone, for example, your marble vanity or onyx bar top is vulnerable to acidic spills. Always use coasters under cups and glasses and wipe up spills as quickly as you can. On gentle vanity tops, do not place perfumes and cosmetics directly on the surface. Rather, use an elegant tray to place them.

Granite is sturdy; however, even then you should play it safe. Most natural granite can take the heat but it’s better to not take pointless risks. Always use trivets under the hot dish.

5. Call for help when needed

It is recommended to have an intermittent beauty treatment – a spotless, clean, and seal service – conducted on your countertop by a stone care professional.

If your countertop’s stone has gotten dull, carved, and damaged, the good thing about that it can be repaired, polished, sharpened, and restored to on a part with new in the hands of a competent stone restoration contractor.

Erin Emanuel