5 Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

If you can’t open your garage, then you’re probably wondering what’s causing the problem. There are a few primary reasons why garage doors stop working and most can be resolved fairly quickly. While in some cases these issues can be repaired rather easily, in other cases, you’ll have no choice but to replace your whole unit. Here are some of the most common causes why your garage door won’t open.


1. The Eye is Blocked

Many garage doors that we made within the last 20 years may have a laser known as a photo eye that works by detecting if an object is keeping the door from closing completely. This is a laser that shoots across the garage and will interrupt the signal to open and close the door if interrupted. Check if the eye is blocked, damaged, or dirty since it may be the reason why your door is refusing to open.

Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door

2. Broken Torsion Springs

Most garage doors have torsion springs which can break over time, especially if they’re older. Broken springs are one of the most common problems and you’ll often notice a loud noise when they break. While this may seem a fairly straightforward repair, you should leave it to a professional repair company. Only trained professionals can help repair your garage door by replacing the spring safely.

3. Sensitivity Out of Adjustment

This problem can occur with newly installed doors and older ones as well. If the sensitivity of the door is either too high or low, then the door won’t move. Read the instructions on how to set the sensitivity and change it up or down as needed. Don’t be surprised if this is something that has to be done on a regular basis.

4. Malfunctioning Remote

Garage door remotes can stop working for a variety of reasons. You should first check the batteries to see if they are still working and check if you are still within range. The antenna for the garage door may be damaged or something may be blocking the antenna from the signal so you’ll want to check this out as well. You can reprogram your garage door remote if none of these other solutions work. Remotes are a common culprit when it comes to garage door malfunction so make sure that the remote is working before moving to another solution.

5. Off-Track Door

In some cases, your garage door may be off its tracks which will prevent it from opening and closing appropriately. Make sure that the door is on the metal track and check the door track for any bends or obstacles. If the door starts to move, watch the progress and note if you see or hear anything unusual. The door may be getting stuck in an area of the track that is misaligned. You can usually repair or replace a section of the track as needed.


Although you may need to call a professional for some of the problems related to your garage door, finding the problem will help make the entire progress faster and less cumbersome. Many garage doors run into problems over time so being aware of the most common reasons is always important.

Erin Emanuel