The 5 most dreaded home improvement tasks

There are plenty of home improvement tasks that people would happily put off forever if they could. These jobs wait weeks, months and even years to be done, but the truth is that the sooner you take care of them the sooner you can forget about them.

Here are 5 of the most dreaded home improvement tasks and a few tips to make them a little easier to complete.

Home Improvement Task

1) Cleaning out gutters
When you reach this task on your home improvement to-do list you may well get a sinking feeling. It involves scraping out gunk and also being at great heights. Not a dream combination for most people.

Tips: Use an appropriate ladder that is long enough and easy to balance on. Wear heavy duty work gloves to protect your hands from whatever you might find lurking on your gutters.

2) Replacing roof tiles
This is another job that anyone with a hint of vertigo will put off for as long as possible. There are literally hundreds of excuses people will come up with to avoid replacing broken roof tiles: ‘I’m far too busy watching this TV show’; ‘The water leak into the attic isn’t that bad’; ‘There’s a gale force wind blowing outside’. Ok, that last one is acceptable.

Tips: When the weather is suitable though this really isn’t such a tough job. Make sure you have adequate safety equipment and the right tools and you will be able to tick this off the list in no time.

3) Wallpapering
If you are not a master hanger of wallpaper you could end up covered in paste and stuck to the roll like a fly on flypaper. Not ideal! Alternatively you could struggle to get the paper on your wall only to find that lovely vertical strip isn’t quite so vertical.

Tips: Wallpapering won’t fill you with dread though. Have a little patience, measure your walls and the paper you are using. Finish all painting first and if you need use spirit levels to ensure your paper is hung exactly where it should be.

4) Fixing a broken washing machine
Taking on tasks like this may seem daunting but often there is no need to call in an expert to fix appliances such as a washing machine. There are loads of information online on different washing machine models and how they work, and spare parts that you can install, such as a drain hose extension kit.

Tips: First of all remove your machine from any power sources and detach water pipes so you can work on it without being shocked or soaked! Then follow your spare part or kit assembly instructions which will come with it, or search online for tutorial videos to watch.

5) Tackling a blocked toilet
A blocked toilet really can be a terrifying prospect, but this is a job that you definitely can’t put off for long! There’s not much point in discussing why this is a dreaded job. It’s a blocked toilet!

Tips: Only flush once. If it doesn’t clear it a second flush will just flood the bowl with water. Wear rubber gloves, put some old sheets or paper on the floor for protection. Then either use a good old fashioned plunger or a stretched out coat hanger to clear the blockage.

Erin Emanuel