5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Any Backyard


Ways to Upgrade Any Backyard

Your backyard should serve both as a sanctuary and a great meeting area when comes the time to entertain friends and family. Giving your backyard a quick makeover can be a great way to build the space of your dreams and make it somewhere you’ll look forward to spending time in. But transforming your backyard doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As a matter of fact, only making a few additions and adjustments could completely transform the way it looks and feels. Here are a few great ideas that will upgrade your backyard instantly.


Add a Playground

A nice playground will not only give your backyard more personality but will be a huge winner with your kids as well. Something as simple as a nice sandbox could be a great addition. Or you could decide to go for something more elaborate and look for a complete swing and/or playset as well.

Add Some Hardscaping Elements

Hardscaping is one of the best ways to improve any backyard. You can make purely esthetic additions or look for something that will make it more functional, like a kitchen space for instance.

Custom stone furniture can also be a great addition. Want a firepit? Why not get a custom made stone fire table from ALDMN’s outdoor furniture collection instead? Hardscaping is not only a great way to improve your landscape, but it can dramatically increase the value of your home as well. It has been estimated that hardscaping could give you as much as a 150% return on your investment, so if you haven’t considered it already, you should definitely look around your backyard and see where you could fit some new hardscaping elements.

Install a Trellis

Installing a trellis is another inexpensive way to add charm and some greenery to your outdoor space. You could go for a small free-standing trellis with a few climbing flowers or go for a complete living wall if you want. You could also use a trellis to conceal some elements that you want to hide, like recycling containers or your AC unit for instance.

Add a Harbor

A nice harbor is also a great way to add to your backyard’s charm. A harbor can add a rustic aspect to any backyard and will blend with virtually any landscape. They’re also a great place for climbing flowers to grow and make for a great focal point.

Hang a Few Candle Lanterns

If you’re looking for something affordable that you can easily install yourself, then you should consider hanging a few candle lanterns as well. Candle lanterns can add warmth to any space and are a great way to add an elegant charm to your backyard. You could hang candles on shepherd hooks around your garden, place a few along walkways, or use them to illuminate a pond.

Improving your backyard can be made by making a few minor arrangements. Follow a few of these suggestions and give your backyard the makeover you’ve always dreamed of.

Erin Emanuel