5 Free Apps to Help Your DIY Home Improvement Project

In the past, it was much harder to get solid information or even visual inspiration for what to do with your house. You might go to the nearest library to hopefully grab a book on interior design.

With smartphones today being more powerful and versatile than computers were a decade ago, mobile apps have helped the way we access information. As this technology continues to change our lives in unexpected ways, it’s no surprise that it’s also made DIY home improvement easier.

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snapguideAvailable for iOS

Source: thenextweb.com

Snapguide is a useful app that features crowd-sourced how-to content for a wide variety of interests and crafts. If you plan on sprucing up your home by yourself, then this is the app for you.

In addition to some quick arts and crafts tips to organize your space, Snapguide also has quick and easy interior design tips. Whether you want to repurpose some old piece of furniture or do basic carpentry for your bookshelf, this app has plenty of articles to help you out.

  1. Brightnest

brightnestAvailable for Android and iOS

Source: www.cnet.com

Aside from being a useful household management app, Brightnest also offers useful home improvement articles to help you out on your personal projects. What’s more, you can also customize the suggested content through a survey you take at the start.

A quick 60-second survey asks if you have kids or pets, and what type of tips you find helpful. This allows for a more targeted feed that caters to you. It could even open your eyes to improvements you didn’t think you needed.

  1. iHandy Level

ihandy-levelFree for Android and iOS


We’ve all experienced repeatedly adjusting and readjusting paintings and family portraits to get them to hang straight.  This is just one situation where iHandy Level could be useful.

The app lets you know if your picture frames are crooked, and by how much. All you have to do is set your device on the top of the frame as you adjust, and the measurement will adjust. Now you don’t have to step back every now and then just to check your work by sight.

  1. WikiHow

wikihowAvailable for Android and iOS

Source: play.google.com

WikiHow lets you read thousands of helpful DIY articles that are presented in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. Each article features useful pictures, and sometimes even videos, to help you out even more.

They have a whole subcategory for home improvement, which include cleaning tips, simple repairs, and basic electronics.  If you’re getting the iOS version, you also have a collection of first aid tips and survival guides available offline for emergencies.

  1. Houzz

houzzAvailable for Android and iOS

Source: www.amazon.com

Houzz is an online community where people can share information about architecture, interior design, and general home improvement topics. It’s developed a reputation as a highly useful and well-designed app that CNN has called it, “The Wikipedia of Interior Design.”

Their official app allows you to access their vast collection of helpful content, ranging from articles and guides to online discussions. If you want inspiration on how to improve your home, this could also be the right place to find it.

In Conclusion

Nobody can be faulted for taking home improvement into their own hands. If you know what you’re doing, you can save a lot of money. In addition, keeping your home in good shape can prop up its value should you choose to sell it in the future.

Nowadays, we have more information and resources to help us get the results we want. Take advantage of these useful apps to make your home into your dream home.

Erin Emanuel