5 Reasons Real Estate Email Recruiting Remains Relevant

With how social media has grown exponentially over the years, it’s easy to dismiss other, older forms of digital recruiting for real estate. This includes email, which has been around since the 1990s (with the technology behind it even older).

However, those who say that real estate email recruiting has lost its relevance and effectiveness are likely also those who haven’t maximized its potential. If you need tips on what to do and not to do with your recruiting emails, please click here to visit this link. It’s filled with valuable advice that can certainly help you level-up your email recruiting game.


That said, here are just a few reasons why real estate email recruiting remains relevant and will remain relevant in the coming years:


Recruiting Emails Are Hyper-Targeted

It has to be said that ads on social media and other digital mediums can also be targeted. In fact, depending on the platform, you can choose a variety of details such as age, gender, and location to create a target profile. It can even be refined further, based on interests and other data.

However, this level of targeting still doesn’t guarantee that your intended audience will see or even appreciate your recruitment ad. Moreover, if your target audience doesn’t provide publicly accessible information, you won’t be able to send them your content at all.

On the other hand, recruiting emails are hyper-targeted on a one-is-to-one basis. You can (and should) also create a data-driven target profile like social media; the difference is that when you send an email, you can receive confirmation that it has arrived in the person’s inbox. Real estate recruiting emails can also be hyper-personalized, as opposed to other forms of digital recruitment ads that have to appeal to multiple people. In turn, this level of personalization can help drive higher conversions.

Recruiting Emails Can Help Build Passive Candidate Pools

One of the most important things to remember about recruitment is that it isn’t all about looking for someone to fill a vacant job position. It’s also about building a network of passive candidates so that, when you do need to hire, it’s easier for you to find qualified people.

Building a network of real estate professionals, whether or not you end up hiring them, can also help develop your reputation within the industry. This can influence a more positive perception of your company, which can ultimately increase interest when hiring time comes.

With real estate recruiting emails, you can easily build this candidate network. What’s even better is that when you build that list, it’s easy to organize and decide what to do with it. You can weed out inactive emails, you can choose which emails should receive more regular updates, and so on.

Recruiting Emails Have a Wider Reach

Almost every online activity, from banking to shopping, requires an email address. Some social media platforms allow you to sign up with a mobile number, but it’s certainly safer if you have an attached email address to it. This simply means that almost anyone with internet access has an email.

In addition, some groups predict that there will be more than 4.20 billion email users by 2022. Even 0.001% of that number is still equivalent to tens of thousands of people. In short, you can reach more potential candidates through email. All that’s left for you to do is create compelling recruitment email content and send them through reliable software.

Recruiting Emails Are More Cost-Effective

Email recruitment—and email marketing, in general—is considerably more cost-effective than other platforms or mediums. Most of the time, the only cost involved is a subscription to a reputable provider to help you send multiple emails more efficiently. In fact, if you’re using a real estate recruiting software, email templates and automation services are often included with the product.

This makes email recruiting especially beneficial for smaller real estate companies, working with a limited recruitment budget.

Recruiting Emails Are Trackable and Measurable

Much like social media posts and ads, your recruiting emails are also highly measurable. You can look at metrics such as the open rate and bounce rate, along with the ever-crucial click-through rate. You can even determine which days are the most ideal to send an email based on the open and click-through data.

There’s also what is called an email heat map, which shows where recipients are clicking on your emails. This can then help you optimize the layout of your succeeding emails.

You can also derive a lot of qualitative data from recruiting emails. These include details such as which type of subject lines work best, and which positions receive more positive responses through email.  As a result, you can further optimize your recruiting email content and schedule.

The main thing to remember is that you need to learn how to use a recruitment medium properly in order to achieve the best results. Whether it’s social media or email, you need to understand a platform’s nuances and intricacies so you can maximize its potential.

That said, email is definitely here to stay as a marketing and recruitment tool. It’s one of the foundations of internet communications and the world will be hard-pressed to find something so simple yet so effective.

Erin Emanuel