5 Steps to Creating a Tiki-Bar Ambiance in Your Home

tiki-barTiki-bars are exotic-themed bars that typically serve rum-based drinks. The decor is inspired from a romantic rendition of the Polynesian culture – complete with bamboo trees, palm laves, tropical murals, Hula girls, and similar ideas from the South Pacific. The blog tells how to create a tiki-bar like zone in your house. Read on.

The romantic Polynesian culture that comes alive at Tiki-bars is a one of a kind experience that regular bars cannot match. The tropical, Polynesian theme of a tiki-bar takes you out of the urban set-up and puts you in of sunny, coastal dream-land. The exotic decor and rum-based wild drinks make a heady cocktail of fun, party, and celebration or just an island for you to relax in, if you want it that way.


There might be ample tiki-bars in a locality, but wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you could have the same experience at home? Well, it is possible to have a tiki-bar right at your home so that you don’t have to go outside every time you feel like sinking in some tropical ambiance and dressing up like inhabitants of some beachy paradise. All you need is some creativity and perhaps a little help from these tips:


  1. Set the Base: The first thing is to find a part of the house where you want to set up the tiki-bar. It could be an outdoor setting in a porch or verandah or an inner set-up in the basement or garage. Outdoor settings would need a thatched-roof look which you can attain by installing a palm-leaf roof over the counter. For interiors, segregate the bar and seating area with a wood counter. Your can cover the exterior sides of the counter with thatch-style runners.
  2. Hang up the Lighting: Without the correct lighting, the tiki-bar would miss authenticity. Patio lights, bar lights, or especially crafted tiki-lights are what we are talking about. The colors should be predominantly tropical — yellow, red, green, and golden. Tea-lights and lanterns would also be a good idea.
  3. Choose the Drinks: Although tiki-bars generally mean rum-based drinks like “mai tai” or “Navy Grog” you can offer anything you like. Tiki-bar drinks usually have these ingredients: rum, fruit (especially tropical ones like pineapple, coconut, orange, and passion fruit) , layers of flavor, a touch of spice, and multiple variations on the recipe.
  4. Add tiki-inspired Decor: If you already have a collection of popular items or rare vintages, nothing like it. But even if you have just started, you can quickly get a number of decor ideas online. Don’t forget to buy tiki-inspired bar accessories and beer mugs online as well.
  5. Dress the part: When you are ready for the first get-together at your new home tiki-bar, don’t forget to dress up! Lace dresses, tropic-print shirts, mermaid wear — the list in endless, take your pick and get ready to enjoy.

So, what do you think?

These tips don’t demand a lot of your time and effort, but the results will be pretty awesome. Don’t forget to personalize your tiki-bar zone with your own crafts, favorites, or even eccentric touches. They will just add to the charm and make it “your kind of place to hang out.”

What’s your favorite tiki-bar in town? Tell us in the comments section.


Erin Emanuel