5 Tips to Single Women Homebuyers

Research has shown that single women out-buy homes as compared to single men.  Driven by a strong desire of owning a greater number of upwardly mobile women are looking to buy new homes. If you also have similar intentions then this article is for you.

Are you a single woman, looking to buy a house? You could not have chosen a better time to do so. Besides, a new home is a smart investment and today’s empowered female is aware of that. In the current scenario, there are twice single women home buyers than there are single men home buyers. Women are feeling more independent than ever, in every sphere of life and home buying is just one of the ways in which they are asserting their financial and social freedom.  For women looking to start on their journey of buying a new property here is what you ought to keep in mind.

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Research the location
Being a woman and that took a single one, location of your new household’s special importance. Are you a health freak? Then you would like your home to be located in the vicinity of a health club or a park where you can go for a morning stroll without wasting too much time.  Do you have the shopping bug in you? Then you would probably like yourself living nearby a shopping mall. Do I have to even say that feeling safe while you walk back to your place whether it is an odd hour in the night or broad daylight should be the top most consideration while choosing a home’s location?

However, while asking for all these conveniences, get prepared to pay an inflated cost for the property accordingly.

What is your budget?
If you are still in a tentative state of mind about the budgetary considerations about your new purchase, it will be better to give the idea a rest for now. Taking a plunge without calculating how much you can afford will result in heartbreak and disappointment as the realizations dawns on you that your dream home is well beyond your means. That’s why you need to get your leg up and prepare the budget before beginning house hunting. If it’s your first foray into real estate it will be incredibly helpful and wise to take the help of someone who has already “been there and done that”.

Get professional help
Assuming that this is the first time you are on your own buying a home, the travails of buying a new property are still unknown to you and trust me, it can get too much to handle sometimes. Hence, the next advice would be to take the help of a professional real estate agent in buying the house. Instead of blindly trusting the first agent that you come across, use general wisdom and presence of mind for making the selection.  Interview them, ask your friends for a recommendation or take online help for the same.

Try to get seller concessions if any
Many real estate builders provides special discount to women buyers. If you come across such a seller thank your luck and grab the place at discounted rates. In addition, many finance companies and banks provide mortgage at lower interest rates to their women clients. That is another place where you are in for some good luck.

Be confident and fearless
No matter where you live, who you are, and what you do, home buying requires you to be a confident buyer. A weak or confused buyer always ends up being an easy prey for devious sellers and more so if you are a single woman. Have a clear picture of what you want, how much you are willing to spend for the same and just stick to it confidently, waiting for the right time.  Most of the time good deals are the result of a confident and fearless attitude more than anything else.

Author Bio: Delhi born Saurabh Tyagi has a penchant for writing, which he discovered early on in life. He likes to put pen to paper every now and then for topics such as property for sale in Mumbai, serviced apartments for sale and commercial real estate property.  Currently he writes on behalf of a leading real estate site.

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