5 Top Ideas to Decorating a Small Bedroom

Are you thinking of giving your bedroom a complete makeover? Maybe you want to invest in some new lighting; or spend some cash on a new supportive mattress in the Labor Day mattress sales . The truth is that there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your bedroom, from painting the walls to hanging a mirror.


There are some decorating ideas that can be especially useful if you have a small bedroom. Here are five of them.


Make use of vertical space as well as horizontal

If you only have a small bedroom, there is not going to be a lot of floor space to make use of. This is why you need to pay attention to the walls. You can create your own bedroom shelving, to hold items such as photographs or books.

Use mirrors for a spacious effect

Mirrors are an excellent idea, if you want to create a feeling of more space in a room. You should aim to hang the mirror across from a door or window, to enhance the effect even further. If you choose to use mirrors in your bedroom, make sure that you pay attention to advice about decorating with mirrors, so that you get the effect just right.

Make a statement with colour

It’s true that you can get a feeling of extra space by using a lot of white in a bedroom. But, that does not mean you should be afraid of adding a little colour. If you are concerned about losing some of that effect of space, you can choose to simply add come bold colour on a feature wall.

Choose a bed that includes storage

We have already mentioned that buying a new mattress can form part of a bedroom make-over; you can also think about replacing your entire bed. If you decide to do this, you should think about investing in a bed which includes storage. That way you are using some of the limited bedroom space you have for a dual purpose.

Go easy on the clutter

One of the worst things for making a room seem even smaller than it is, is a lot of clutter. If you only have a small bedroom, you should make sure to keep the furnishings simple. It’s also not a good idea to fill the room with lots of ornamental items, or a cuddly toy collection. An organised room, with minimal clutter, always appears to be bigger than one which is the same size, but is packed full of different items.

You can always make the most of the limited space available in a small bedroom. You just need to ensure that your design and decoration is carried out in the right way. All of the tips we have given you can help you ensure that this happens. You can make best use of the space that you have, while also creating a more spacious feel in the room.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Great article Erin, thanks for sharing this.

    I work with a number of decorators in London who have always stressed how important the choice of colors is.

    The easiest what to make any room look open and expansive is using bright and radiant colors.

  2. Mirrors is the main thing I use in my room, I watched a documentary about small rooms in Japan and now I’m trying to imitate it.

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