5 Ways to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

The very first signs of spring make us think about spending more and more time outside. It will be wonderful to enjoy the upcoming season on a clean and well decorated outdoor area! But how can you add more life and style (especially if you have a tight budget) to your outdoor space? There are many ideas how to cheer up your patio this spring. Use them as a start and incorporate your own style to turn your ordinary patio into a really pleasant and relaxing place for you, your family and guests.


Use Colour Splashes for the Patio Decor

Color space patio decorEven a few bright and clean decorative elements will make a clear and bold statement that your patio is ready to welcome spring and the following summer. There is no need for you to buy new accents every season, just be creative and clean the old ones thoroughly to make them look like brand new. But before you get started with the colouring, it is a clever idea to give your outdoor space a high-pressure cleaning to remove any build ups of dust and dirt between the deck’s tiles. New furniture and accessories will not look so charming on your deck in case you skip the cleaning. Furthermore, some cleaning will surely be required in case you want to paint your patio in a different colour. Staining the fence in a citrus colour or bordering the edges of your deck will make a great colourful accent.

Make Your Deck Furniture More Welcoming

deck furniture decorThe spring facelift of your old and worn wicker furniture can be easily achieved if you paint it in radiant colours. You can also replace it with metal furnishings which are affordable and will look great with a bright cushion. All of your guests will be 100 % impressed if you unleash your fantasy and draw some flowers or other spring patterns. Use a stencil to make the task easier and protect your drawings by sealing them with appropriate material.

In case painting is not your expertise, you can add colour with less effort by filling your bar cart with flamboyant acrylic glassware. Another smart way to add texture and colour to your patio and provide it with a few nice and soft places to land is throwing some pillows. Just avoid pillows filled with feathers and go for poly-fiber instead to make sure they will dry promptly if soaked. Clean up and mend some of your indoor pillows from previous years or buy new outdoor ones that are weather and sun protected. Your guests will surely be glad to have a seat on your porch with a glass of wine and a soft pillow.

Add an Outdoor Rug and Curtains

outdoor rug and curtainsYour outdoor space will be highlighted and defined if you put a cool rug! There is a huge variety of great outdoor rugs in different sizes and shapes that will bring the spirit of spring to every patio! You can also add colour and texture if you hang some bold-coloured curtains to “frame” your outdoor living area. This is also a smart way to ensure more privacy when needed. Spring and summer breeze will flutter the curtains, making your beautiful patio feeling like a luxury resort! Bigger and darker curtains will create more drama, while bright and cheerful colours will contribute to your cheerful outdoor moments!

Heat the deck up

heat up deckIf you are lucky enough to have a fire pit on your patio, it will be much easier for you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Turn the pit into a “bonfire” by arranging your deck furniture around it. This way your outdoor space will get a focal point and you and your guests will have a beautiful addition to gather around for a conversation or just to relax during the enjoyable spring nights.

Hanging some funky lanterns is also an excellent way of perking up your outdoor living space. Colourful and made of various materials, they will do a good job providing your patio with light that comes from an energy-efficient source.

Bring spring with lively plants

 Bring spring with lively plantsGrow some herbs on your own and introduce them to your guests. Instead of planting your greenery only in the ground of your garden, plant your favourite flowers, herbs and garnishes in pots and keep them on the patio, near the table and the sitting area. This way you will not only bring spring in your home, but you will also perk your patio up by adding some green life on it. Bonus: you will have fresh herbs to use for your meals and in case of a bad weather you will always be able to protect your plants by bringing them inside.

You can do just a few things to perk your patio up for spring or you can refurbish your deck entirely, the choice is up to you. Nevertheless, it is very important that you stay true to yourself and do everything according to your taste. After all, the aim of all of this is to make your outdoor space more appealing to you and your beloved people, so go ahead and spruce your patio up for the plenty of spring nights you are going to spend outside.

Erin Emanuel


  1. Hi Erin,
    Nice post, I was just looking for something related to outdoor space and spring,.. Beautiful time is about to come for Spring & I’m now read to use my outdoor space for this Spring.
    Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  2. Erin, I love all the colors in these pictures, not to mention the modernized styles of all of the rooms. You seem to have some cool style.

    It’s always been difficult for me to find the “right” kind of flowers for my outdoors, mostly because I can never narrow down a color. It’s refreshing to see flowers like these, and I appreciate the ideas! Now to see if I can find these flowers in my own state.

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