5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Moving With Kids

Moving house is going to be bad enough as it is. Add toddlers and teenagers into the mix and it could get nasty. With some thought and organization you should manage to pull it off with your sanity intact.

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1. Cut The Clutter

It’s too easy to keep on taking everything with you each time you move home, especially when you have kids. If you’re not careful, soon your house will start to look like it belongs on one of those TV programmes about hoarding. Use moving home as a positive opportunity to spring clean: chuck out all that household junk and that mountain of toys they won’t miss.

2. Tag It And Bag It

Before you rush through the task of packing everything into boxes for the big move … Stop! Think how much harder it will be when you get to the other end if you can’t find the kettle to make a cuppa, or the toy giraffe that your toddler can’t sleep without. It may seem over-the-top or time-consuming, but it really is worth labeling and numbering everything you pack, to make it all easier to find at the other end. A simple list identifying what’s in each box will make the unpacking (and tea-making) less of a stress.

3. Lose The Kids

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. ‘They’ obviously don’t have kids. It’s hard enough trying to ensure that everything else runs smoothly on the day, without trying to keep the little ones entertained, amused, and safe. So lose the kids. Not literally, obviously. But if you have relatives or friends that can help out, ask them if they’d mind babysitting for a day while you get everything sorted. This also has the added bonus of avoiding the inevitable tears, tantrums and screams of: “but I don’t want to move house!” Unless your partner is overly dramatic, that is.

4. Let Someone Else Do The Lifting

It may seem tempting to try and do everything yourself, including moving everything from one property to the next. But before you commit to becoming your own removal person, think realistically about the amount of stuff you own. It’s not just the boxes of knick-knacks you’ll need to shift, it’s the king-size bed, the family heirlooms and the flat screen TV. Do you really need the hassle or worry of trying to get everything there in one piece? Thought not. Get a decent removal company in to do it for you.

5. Go Online, Save Some Time

Thankfully, you no longer have to trawl the high street to find someone to sell your property. You can now use online estate agents – who will help you with every aspect of buying, selling and moving – without even leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Use the five simple tips above to keep stress to a minimum and stop you getting wound up by moving out.

If you’ve got any handy hints about taking the stress out of moving with kids, please use the comment box below!

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