5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel like Christmas Year-Round


Wish the holidays didn’t come and go so quickly? Why not keep the holidays in your home year-round? With a multitude of simple ways to keep a holiday-friendly home any time of the year, creating a winter wonderland is something that you shouldn’t wait to do. You may be unable to make Christmas a year-round holiday, but you can make it look that way in your home. Find five fun, simple ways to make your home feel like Christmas any time of the year listed below.


1. Change Your Holiday Decorating Style

Opt-out of traditional red and green Christmas colors and choose metallics and neutrals instead. A myriad of amazing decorative items for Christmas easily transfer into year-round decorations and you won’t have to rush to take down the decorations to appease the masses. This includes items like Christmas trees, candles, and more.

2. Hang Wreaths on the Doors

Holiday wreaths bring out the warmth of fall colors and create a timeline that everyone appreciates. Many of the great holiday wreaths dismiss traditional colors and decorations, so they’re great to use year-round. Hang a wreath on the front door of your home to create a holiday-friendly, warm welcome and decorative touch to your place. With dozens of wreath styles to choose from, as well as DIY options, finding a wreath that matches your needs is simple. Dust off the wreath now and again and you’ll appreciate its style all year round.

3. Christmas String Lights

Christmas string lights are inexpensive, especially if you stock up for the next year when the holidays are over. Use these lights instead of lamps or overhead lights in the house. Many people love the way they illuminate a bedroom, but the lights can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and elsewhere. Not only do Christmas lights create an awesome, soft backdrop in the room, they also cut electric costs, saving tons of money each month. Clear and colored Christmas lights both work wonderfully for bringing holiday fun into the home any time of the year.

4. Candles & Scents

Scented candles fill the home with smells associated with the holidays, such as hot chocolate, pine, peppermint, and nutmeg. Stock up on the seasonal scented candles while they’re available in the store. Scents like evergreen, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, pine, and cinnamon can fill the home with amazing scents while giving you a reminder of the holiday season that you so fondly cherish. And, of course, candles are great in the event of a power outage, for romantic evenings with your partner, and so many other events and occasions in life.

5. Card Holders

Many people display their holiday cards using a decorative cardholder. This is an excellent way to bring out the true joy of the holidays in your home. The cardholders also serve many purposes throughout the year. Use the cardholder to sort mail, as a memo or note holder, or even to display photos or other items that you want to show off to those who enter your home. Choose a cardholder in a fun style to ensure it brings delight year-round.

A Christmas Look in Your Home All Year Long

Christmas is a joyful, fun time of the year that many people cherish. If you feel the excitement of Christmas and want it to last a little bit longer, use one or more of the ideas above to create a holiday home all year long. There are endless ideas to help create a Christmas-themed home any time of the year, but the five ideas above are among the best. It is more than possible to enjoy a holly, jolly season all-year-round with these ideas in place.

Erin Emanuel