Secure Simplicity: Five Ways to Make Your Home Safer

home-security-alarmHome invasions are one of the most frightening crimes a person can experience. No one wants to imagine a complete stranger can break into their home, threaten their safety, and take their possessions. Fortunately, most burglars don’t strike at random, but operate with caution. If a house has the right deterrents, it is much less likely to be the target of a burglary, regardless of any other factors. These five habits will help make your house into an unattractive target.

Increase Exterior Visibility

Large trees and overgrown bushes obscure houses from the outside world. This may make the people in them feel a little safer, but the result can be the opposite. Home invaders look for houses with overgrown flora to give them places to lurk. The better chance they have to avoid detection going in and out, the more attracted they’ll be to a target. Homeowners are encouraged to keep their landscaping neat and trimmed. Near windows, avoid growing large bushes and shrubs. Tall fences are also inadvisable, but motion-activated exterior lighting is a powerful deterrent to criminals.

Install an Alarm System

Installing a security system and using it properly guarantees a fast response in the event of a break-in. Burglars are also much likely to pass over a home that is secured, because it increases their chances of being caught. According to Babb Security Systems, houses with clearly displayed window stickers and yard signs are unattractive targets and safer to own. Alarm companies offer sensors for every conceivable entrance, and technology allows security systems to know when doors and windows are being assaulted. Security systems and architectural hardware from Newfoundland are the most important safety measure and investment a homeowner can take.

Never Appear to be Alone

Burglars usually try not to break into a house when there are people in it, and stake out houses in advance to try and predict when they will be most vulnerable. People that live alone can still cast the illusion of another presence by simply calling out a greeting or goodbye whenever they enter and leave their house. Timed lights and automatic drape-pullers also support this guise. Even if a homeowner is on vacation, automated activities such as these will make it look like someone is still home.

Physical Deterrents

A sturdy door, and a good lock can go a long way for keeping burglars out of homes. If a house is difficult to break into, an attempt may be thwarted as soon as it begins, and inhabitants have more time to call for help and get to safety. A good door has a deadbolt at least an inch long, an internal anti-saw pin and long screws in the strike plate.

Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors who keep watch for each other are able to help assure each security in many ways. Having a strong community means that everyone in the neighborhood doesn’t have to be so vigilant, and suspicious activity is more likely to be reported.

People that take steps to secure their home and neighborhood enjoy a sense of security in their lives. You should feel safe in your home, and by putting a little effort in, you can deter burglars and home invaders at no unreasonable cost.


Erin Emanuel