5 Winter Home Security Tips You Need to Know

While winter brings colder weather for much of the country, it also brings the joys of the coming holiday season. To make sure that your loved ones can focus on visits with family and your holiday traditions, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make your home more secure.


Keep reading to learn a few home security tips to keep your family safe and your home secure this winter.


Add Some Outdoor Lighting

Now that we’ve rolled our clocks back for the winter, it’s getting darker much earlier in the day. This, combined with wet or icy walkways, can make entering and exiting your home after the sun goes down a major hazard. If you don’t already have a porch light, adding some outdoor lighting is a must this time of year. If you have a long driveway that you park on or a lengthy path to your front door, consider lighting this as well.

Never Warm Your Car in Your Garage

Most of us know that you should never start your car in your garage while the door is still closed. But what many people don’t realize is that even if your garage door is open, it’s best to wait to start your car until you are ready to immediately drive out. While it may be tempting to warm up your car before you get in, you should only do this when the vehicle is parked outside.

Carbon monoxide is released into the air as soon as your car is turned on and the motor is running. While it spreads and thins quickly when your car is outside, a garage traps it in a small area. Even with the door open, that carbon monoxide may build to dangerous levels in just a few minutes.

Protect Your Online Shopping Purchases

More than 55 percent of American consumers will shop online this holiday season. While this is a great way to score some deals or pick up the toys that are out of stock in local stores, it can also create a home security hazard. Packages left on doorsteps are a hot target for thieves.

Adding a home security system can help deter porch pirates. And even if it doesn’t stop the theft, it can help police track down repeat offenders and stop future thefts. Unfortunately, the grainy images of many security cameras won’t do you much good. Opt for a 4K HD camera security system to increase your odds of catching the thieves.

Break Down Christmas Boxes or Wait to Toss Them

Brand new packages delivered to your front door aren’t the only exterior threats this holiday season. After you’ve opened up your new gifts, you might be tempted to put the empty boxes out for garbage pickup. Unfortunately, the oversized box for your new TV, the empty boxes from your kid’s new Xbox or the boxes from the new home appliances you received all broadcast to criminals what new toys and gadgets you have in your home.

To keep your curb from becoming a billboard for thieves, break down boxes until they fit in your trash or recycling receptacles. You may need to store boxes in your garage and throw them out a few at a time to make this work. Some cities also offer recycling stations where you can drop off your cardboard boxes instead.

Keep Your Holiday Plans Off Social Media

It’s tempting to post the envy-worthy pics of your holiday vacation or cute photos with family and friends you’re out of town visiting. But save the posting until after you’ve returned home. Even if you think that your social media accounts are secure, broadcasting to the world when you are away and your home is empty can lead to break-ins and thefts.

Staying Safe and Secure This Winter

Keeping your home and your family safe all winter long is easy, as long as you know these simple tips. From lighting your outdoor spaces to never warming your car in the garage, protecting your online purchases from thieves, breaking down those empty boxes and keeping your plans off social media, you can help reduce your risk of becoming victim this holiday season.

Erin Emanuel