5 Ideas for Making Your Patio More Enjoyable During the Brisk Seasons

Patios are a great feature of any home – they are places where family and friends can congregate and enjoy time together. They can become the centerpiece of your summer BBQ parties and the kid’s haven when keeping them outdoors when the weather is warm. But depending on where you live, the outdoor conditions can limit your enjoyment. Blustery fall days hardly make for a fun picnic, and snow covered patios encrusted with ice is rarlely a place you’ll use during the winter. But luckily you don’t have to limit yourself to the season when it comes to enjoying your outdoor room. Read on for five great ideas for making your patio more welcoming during the off season.


Fall Decor

Decorate your patio with decor suitable to the seasons. Add a few elements of the cooler season, such as pumpkins and pine cones. Make sure any décor is sturdy enough to weather a few wind storms or dustings of dirt and rain. For your outdoor seating, add more substantial blankets and pillows to offer warmth and comfort to family and friends. A hutch or chest is perfect for keeping these items dry and clean while still having them handy outdoors. Choose colors that reflect the natural colors of fall and winter that make for a cozier patio feel. Don’t be afraid to make room for rugs or big blankets that add warmth as well as a cozy, seasonal feel.

Cover It

With fall and winter often comes dreary weather. By sheltering your patio space from the elements, you make for a much more inviting porch. A retractable canvas shade is often an affordable, easy option. When the sun is shining you can retract it and bask in the sunlight, or sit under cover when it is drizzling or raining. A small canopy might be good for summer as well if you also add some sturdy panels to keep it covered during cooler seasons. Use screens or even just netting to make sure dust, dirt, and bugs are kept at bay while the weather changes.

Get Comfy

Invest in comfortable chairs, couches, and seating options and you will definitely want to spend more time outside. With comfortable seating, the patio becomes instantly inviting, no matter how chilly it may be outside – especially if you have some cozy blankets to cover up with. Cushions are perfect for setting out on existing furniture or even out on the lawn. You can keep them dry and warm in your hutch or chest, and you won’t have to worry about damage from the elements. When it gets really snowy, simply bring the whole thing inside the garage. If you get a lot of rough winds or storms, think about chaining down or anchoring your hammocks or chain swinging chairs. This way you can still enjoy them as the weather gets cooler, but won’t have to completely move them out of the way.

Fire Pit

Something deep within our evolutionary lineage keep bonfires going and brings us closer together as we huddle for warmth while enjoying the beauty of the flames. A fire pit is a great way to safely contain a small fire without having to worry about burning the neighborhood down. They come in a variety of sizes and styles (permanent or mobile), offering the quiet warmth and ambiance of fire to a variety of budgets. They can often be purchased through your local home improvement store or in many different customizable options online. Online stores like Overstock offer a variety of different fire pit options with most at discounted prices. You can also get additional discounts from places like Discountrue. There truly is nothing like enjoying a bonfire on a chilly night. You can also get small torches for a subtle effect. It will still keep you warm, and has the added bonus of outlining the whole area in light as the days get darker.


The final touch to any outdoor space is lighting. With lighting you can set the mood and tone for your outdoor patio. String up lanterns for a whimsical mood, or have soft lamps lighting corners for a softer, more confidential darkness. Colored Christmas lights will lend a festive mood around the holidays. And don’t forget a few strategically placed jack-o’-lanterns for the harvest season. Winter lighting is important as it tends to get dark more quickly. Use your lighting to set the theme and mood, as well as illuminate the most important places.

There is no reason for you to pack it in and retreat inside as soon as fall and winter arrive – don’t let the end of summer mean the end of your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces! It just takes a little bit of creative adjustment, and we can enjoy our patio in a while new way.

Erin Emanuel