6 Benefits Of Hiring Building Envelope Consultants

You are already aware that a building envelope nothing but a physical separator between the unconditioned and conditioned environment of building that includes resistance to heat, air, light, water and noise transfer. This is done for your comfortable and trouble free living.


The building envelope has three basic components:

(a). Air Barrier
(b). Weather Barrier
(c). Heat or Thermal Barrier

Apart from these, in recent times the term building envelope also incorporates appearance, structure, security from fire and security. After using building envelope, you maintain a dry, cooled or heated indoor environment and also facilitate climate control.


Is it a simple and easy task that you can do yourself?

“No”, then you need to hire the experts who do these jobs very confidently and in an efficient manner. They are called Building Envelope Consultants. Here are the 6 benefits you get when you hire a building envelope consultants:

1. They Provide Services With Expertize

The Building Envelope Consultants are expert in consulting and consultation, building envelope design, inspection and testing for roofing, glazing services and waterproofing of your building; be it domestic or commercial; by adding threshold inspections and structural design. The main benefit is that they provide a cluster of services under one roof and if you hire all the services separately your fatigue will be more.

2. They Understand Your Need

The Building Envelop Consultants have the knowledge of what customer needs. Irrespective of type of customer you are (such as developers, general contractors, architects, property managers, homeowners or attorneys) the building envelope consultants identify the specific problems and work sincerely get the best and least expensive solutions to the problems. The team of building envelope consultants have all sorts of professionals and thus they are suitable for each kind of client or customers.

3. They Provide Cost Effective Services

The Building Envelop Consultants detect the potential problems at early stage and find solutions before the problem gets worse. This results in saving time and money. While conducting leak tests they incorporate ASTM and AAMA test methods for finding expected sources of leaks which in turn yields the benefits more than expected. Further, if you compare the services provided by them and money involved, you find that their services are cost effective than that obtained from different sources.

4. They Do The Field And Shop Inspections:

The expert staff from the Building Envelop Consultants monitor the building from the construction stage. They do inspect the the glass, glazing and cladding components at the manufacturer’s shop to confirm that the materials meet the desire standards and they notify the parties of any shortcomings.

5. They Provide Depositions, Expert Opinions and Witness Testimony

The Building Envelop Consultants provide expert opinions and depositions for litigations involving the building envelope. They also generate the extensive reports. Their also provide witness testimony in various types of litigations involved.

6. They Carry Out Periodic Maintenance And Inspections

The regular inspection and maintenance is required for building envelope by experienced professionals. These include:

(a) Water stains on inside walls, ceilings etc.
(b) Joints or gaps that allow the water to get through the walls
(c) Pools of water on the decks
(d) Wet windows
(e) Cracked or missing sealants (caulking)

Off course these symbols are not at all to be counted as failure of the building envelope. But, if detected early, the major damage can be avoided. Further, they can be repaired in less expense.

Thus, the qualified building envelope consultants bring in the practice their concentrated information, experience and understanding of the most recent advanced developments in building envelope technologies. These are important resources for any venture group for all sorts of projects and can bring about awesome and huge savings for building performance during its lifetime.

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Erin Emanuel