6 Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs To Be Repaired

We use our garage doors every day, but we rarely take the time to examine and inspect its condition and performance. We only focus our attention to this huge moving object when something goes terribly wrong. What most homeowners need to understand is that garage doors also require regular inspection and maintenance. Performing monthly inspections can help you determine whether the door is still functional and safe. These regular checks will also bring into light the potential problems that need the attention of a professional garage door repair man.


Listed below are some of the common signs that will indicate whether your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced. The repair company can help address the problems immediately so that you won’t have to pay for huge repair bills in the long run, and prevent any potential risks that might arise.

  1. The Door Doesn’t Open Or Close: Obviously, if your garage door refuses to open or close using the control buttons, it needs to be repaired. There are various reasons for such incident, such as bad connection between the door and the control panel, or due to door malfunction. To test your garage door again, you must make sure that nothing is blocking it from closing. Try the controllers to make sure that the door isn’t moving at all before you call a professional.
  2. Slow Response Time: You have to observe how long it takes for your door to respond to your commands. Typically, it must begin to open or close within a second or two after you pressed the opener. It must then open or close smoothly without any hitching or delay. If you observe any delay in the operation, it might indicate that something is wrong with your door or with the opener. It is advisable to have it inspected by a garage door repair professional.
  3. Sagging Garage Door Sections: It is advisable to check and test the balance of your garage door at least once a month. This involves disconnecting the opener from the door and manually operating it. When you bring the door at about midway and leave it there, it must not continue to rise or fall. If it does, there must be something wrong with the tension spring or other parts of your door. Do not try to check or repair the components on your own, especially if you have no prior experience.
  4. The Door Makes A Lot Of Noise: Most old garage doors make a lot of noise when operated; however, if the creaking or straining is excessive, there might be a problem with your spring, or the opener bracker, or the opener itself.
  5. The Door Is Off The Tracks: The garage door must be operated within the tracks that are placed on either side of the door, but there are times when it comes off the tracks. This usually happens when the door is not in good condition or has been damaged. A repair man can inspect the problem and replace the key parts if necessary to ensure that it will operate properly.
  6. Increasing Energy Bills: If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you must consider swapping your old door for a new one. Newer models are made to be more energy efficient. By upgrading your door, you will be able to save more money on your energy bills in the long run.

Garage Door Parts You Can Check On Your Own

Springs: You can test the spring tension of your garage door. For instance, if you have an automatic opener, try closing the door and pull the string on your opener to disconnect it. You can then open the door midway. If it doesn’t remain in place, your spring is either broken or it needs to be adjusted. As a precautionary tip, do not try to adjust or take away the torsion spring on your own.

Cables: Check if there are any worn strips hanging on the sides of your door, or frayed cables. If you find these signs, there is a high chance that your door might break which will lead to injuries and property damages.

Hinges: Inspect the hinges and see if they are broken or dented. If they are, they must be replaced immediately.

Rollers: Observe whether the rollers are moving smoothly and if they are quiet during the operation. If it is noisy and the movement seems strained, it may need lubrication or it might need to be replaced.

If the garage door does not function properly, it might cause injuries and severe property damage. To be safe and to lower risks, it is best to enlist the services of a professional garage door specialist. The specialist can determine and address the problems of your garage door.

The guest blogger, Kris Bennette, is a writer for home improvement websites where she discusses how Simi Valley garage doors must be maintained and repaired regularly.

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  1. Thanks for this listed points. There’s really no need to get expensive for repairing or updating your garage door systems – the key here as you said, is to set a schedule for regular checkup. Besides being efficient with your energy use, you shouldn’t risk your kids running into any accidents involving this big moving object.

  2. Ideally if you have regular maintenance then it shoudn’t get to the stage where your garage door stops working. If its an automated garage door then be sure to refer to your user manual for maintenance instructions.

  3. I always figured that if the door was sagging then you should have it repaired, but never knew that slow response time is a sign. Our garage door has always been pretty slow, but has been getting slower over time. We just thought that it was because the batteries in out remotes were dying.

  4. That’s interesting that newer models of garage doors are made to be more energy efficient, and that by upgrading your door you can save money on energy bills. I’ve heard that there’s garage doors nowadays, too, that are so quiet that you don’t even hear them. I wake up and leave my house pretty early, and I’m sure my neighbors would appreciate me having a quiet garage door!

  5. Article is good, but more reasons tell me ,how to garagage door repair and maintenance, Most old garage doors make a lot of noise when operated; however, if the creaking or straining is excessive, there might be a problem with your spring, or the opener bracker, or the opener itself., Further tel me;

  6. You mentioned the possibility that the garage door spring or the bracket has a problem if noise it makes is excessive because and that a professional needs to see this immediately. It has been a while since the garage door started making this noise and we have had it repaired a few times now. I guess its age is catching up to it. It might be best to have it replaced this time instead of repaired.

  7. I appreciate how you mentioned that if your garage door isn’t opening or closing, it is a problem that warrants the need to call a professional for repair. I think that a professional would be able to identify the cause of the problem swiftly, and provide you a quick repair, because of their expertise in the field. I also think that it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible because not only will it prevent the problem from worsening, but it will also help keep your home secure, in that your valuables will be protected inside your garage. My husband and I are noticing that our garage door won’t close, and we’re worried about the possibility of intruders getting in through the large opening. We’ll have to find a garage door repair service in our area that can help us fix the problem right away so that our home and family can be safe.

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