6 Ways to Stay Organized & Productive at Work

Anyone working in an office, or even from home, can understand the struggle of trying to stay productive and organized during a long, busy day. There are always emails to respond to, tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner, and coworkers that need some advice. For young entrepreneurs, work never really ends, so taking the time to learn some simple organizational tips to improve productivity is vital for success. This article will outline a few of those and how you can improve your work life without having to work even harder.

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    Digitize Your Documents

There is nothing more stressful than a desk with heaps of paper files and documents. It seems almost pointless now to even bother with printing paper, so converting all your data into digital is a natural step in becoming more organized. Searching through computer files is much easier and more efficient than scouring through stacks in cabinets so it’s understandable why the shift to virtual files was inevitable. Take advantage of it and organize them to your liking so that any information is right at your fingertips.


You can also take the security of these documents to the next level and store them in a virtual data room—impenetrable to unwanted third parties and easy to navigate for administrators and invited users. VDRs offer safety and organization through permission settings that give the administrator total control over who sees what and when. By using a VDR, whether as an individual or a company, you can keep all your confidential data in one place for easy and reliable access in the future without the threat of leaks or deletion.

  • Make The Most of Your Time

Time is finite, especially during a busy work week, so make the most of the time you do have to get certain tasks done. Use some of your commute to work through the smaller tasks of the day or simply organizing your schedule for the next few hours. Dedicated your most productive hours of the day to the more complicated tasks so that you can give them your best performance and make sure the hours you set aside are being used to their full potential. It’s easy to get distracted by frivolous projects and lose a few hours that could have been spent on something more important.

  • Use A Planner

Using a planner, whether digital or physical, is a great way to plan out your day and see how much time you really have to get everything done. It’s easy to dismiss the intensity of your workday until you see it all laid out in a planner, matched to specific hours that tasks will need to be completed. Pair that with meetings and answering necessary emails and you can see how quick it can be to feel overwhelmed. Don’t let your day get the best of you—schedule your hours toward what matters.

  • Use A Checklist

One of the best motivators to stay productive is to create a list of all the tasks you need to finish for the day and check them off one by one as you complete them. The satisfaction of seeing the list dwindle by the end of the day can keep you feeling motivated to continue for the next few and know that you are capable of staying on top of your busy schedule and keeping your workload organized. Use a bright red pen to cross out a task for that extra bit of satisfaction!

  • Reward Yourself with A Break

It’s easy to get caught up with work on a busy day and feel burned out or unmotivated after just a few hours. Reward yourself with a sufficient break to make you feel refreshed and ready to dive back to your work with a clear mind. Don’t let yourself feel lazy or unproductive just because you need a few breaks throughout the day to feel fully functional; we all work differently while still being productive.

  • Have A Clear Workspace

If you let your desk become cluttered, then your mind will quickly follow suit. Ensure that when you sit down to tackle the day that your area is free of unnecessary things and only what you need to get your job done. That could just be your laptop and a cup of coffee and that’s enough if it works for you.

Erin Emanuel